Love your neighbor as yourself
Servant to Servant                                        11-3-17

Reformation 500 Celebrations
in Our Churches
All-day celebration
Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Ministries Reformation Choral Vespers at First Trinity, Pittsburgh, PA was a glorious celebration with a packed house. The day included a morning worship service, Bible study, Sunday school Oktoberfest luncheon, afternoon choral vespers and a reception.
Reformation Walk
Recently, as part of their 500th Anniversary of the Reformation Celebration and Rally Day Theme - "Reformation 500 - Walking in the Word" - Grace, Wyoming, MI, transformed their education hour into a Reformation Walk. Using the CPH resource, many members of the congregation portrayed roles as Hans and Margaret Luther, Luther's parents; Ursula Cotta, Martin's teacher; John Tetzel, the seller of indulgences; Frederick the Wise; Hans Lufft, the printer; the Kantor where they learned of Luther's music, and even Martin and Katie Luther. The congregation, with map in hand, went to ten different stations, receiving a sticker at each station, as they learned of the sights, sounds and even the tastes of the Reformation. The following week, the congregation hosted "A Visit with Katharina Luther," portrayed by Alicia Winget for LWML Sunday. Her one-hour monologue captured the history of the Reformation as it could only be told from the perspective of Katie Luther.
Reformation Banner
The new Reformation 500 banner at Holy Trinity, Tucson, AZ, was constructed by Shelley Upton to reflect Luther's Rose in a stained glass window. It was a task made more difficult when she fractured her right arm midway through the project and had to finish it left-handed! The stained glass effect comes from the use of satin cloth in some areas of the banner.

Joyful singing
Gethsemane, Windsor, ON, Canada, celebrated the Reformation 500 on Sunday, October 29, 2017 with two choirs and their Sunday school, along with Martin and Katie Luther.
Circuit Reformation Service
A Reformation Vespers Service was conducted at Faith, Tucson, AZ with a choir and orchestra from several churches providing musical leadership and special music, under the direction of Anthony Taylor (Catalina, Tucson, AZ). Preaching was The Rev. Todd Arnold of Risen Savior, Green Valley, AZ. After the service, people walked through five "stations" highlighting areas of Martin Luther's life. Then, all enjoyed good German food in the Faith Activity Center. Over 200 people from area Lutheran churches attended.
Reformation Sunday at Fairlawn, Fairlawn, OH, celebrated 500 years since the beginning of the Protestant reforms with a new haircut for The Rev. Adam Thompson, a great pot luck lunch and the showing of part of the PBS docu-drama about the life of Martin Luther.
Sweet celebration
Sightings of Martin Luther, Luther Rose cookies, worship, food and more were part of the Reformation activities at Grace, Elyria, OH.

Youth gathering
Youth from St. Luke, Toronto, ON, Canada, gathered to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation. Dr. Martin (Tyler) Luther joined them as they explored the five Solas and discussed their meaning and how they touch their daily and future lives.

In other tongues
Slovak Evangelicals celebrated the Reformation at St. Luke's, Toronto, ON, Canada, with The Rev. Dusan Toth leading worship.
Festive celebration
The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation was celebrated in a festive worship service of Scripture, Lutheran hymnody, and readings from the Book of Concord at Prince of Peace,Hudson (Stroh), IN. Leading the celebration were (L to R): Sem. Timothy Kern (2nd year, Michigan), The Rev. Matthew Adjei (Ghana), The Rev. James Elsner (Officiating & Preaching), Sem. Norlyn Bartens (1st year, Illinois), and Sem. John Engwall (4th year, Tennessee).
In the news
Evie Driscoll, the granddaughter of Gail Holzer, School Ministry Executive, made it into the Pittsburgh newspaper. A news reporter captured the image while covering the local Reformation service.

Outreach to students
By The Rev. Marcus T. Zill
Wow! What an opportunity for international student outreach that exists at one of the most unique community colleges I have ever witnessed in person. There are students here at Seneca College from 140 different countries. That would be rare for any major university, but again this is the equivalent of a Canadian "community" college. Thanks to The Rev. Junghoon (Justin) Park, and his lovely wife, Chae Young, herself a former Seneca student, for thoroughly exploring the campus with me and discussing the opportunities. St. Luke's, Toronto, ON, Canada, is uniquely positioned to continue to make a huge difference here!





For the hungry
Families of Faith Preschool of Jacob's Well, Ft. Wayne, IN, donated items to the Fraternal Order of Police Food Drive. 

For the unborn
The Life Team at St. Michael, Ft. Wayne, IN, placed crosses on the church property representing the lives taken through abortion. 
In our churches
Youth retreat
Junior high students from Beautiful Savior, Lee's Summit, MO, enjoyed the fire retreat.

Confirmation fun
The Hope, Hastings, MN, confirmation class learned about Martin Luther and the Reformation. As part of their lesson, they learned about how Luther nailed 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church. The confirmation students were challenged to write their own beliefs about what it means to be a follower of Christ and put them on a classroom door (although their sticky notes didn't stay on as well as nails would).

In our schools
Standing with Martin
Students from Grace English, Chicago, IL, pose for a photo opportunity with Martin Luther!
Special milestone
Concordia Little Lambs, Berwyn, IL, celebrated 25 years of ministry to Berwyn and the surrounding area with a worship service and celebratory meal.
Fun with food
Students are all smiles during their dramatic play unit - pizza parlor style - at Concordia Little Lambs Preschool, Berwyn, IL.
Special visitors
The North Naples Fire Department visited with students and staff at Lambs of Faith Preschool, Naples, FL.
Costumed kiddies
Preschoolers at Abounding Love Preschool, Lee's Summit, MO, enjoyed the pre-party festivities by showing off their costumes. A parade, candy and treats added to the fun.




Super day
It was "Super Hero Day" at Grace Beginnings Preschool, Wyoming, MI. Pint-sized heroes stopped for a photo opportunity.

Video clip of young scientists
This precious video is of the little scientists from Shepherd King Preschool, West Bloomfield, MI as they do an experiment. The children loved seeing the reaction that vinegar and baking soda make. They also noticed that the red and yellow food coloring makes orange. They noticed the smell of vinegar and the sounds of fizzing. Click here to watch.

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