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November / 2017
#2017APPAM Conference Survey
We thank you all for your participation and engagement during #2017APPAM, bringing your knowledge, insights, and enthusiasm for using data and measurement to make better decisions. You joined more than 2,100 peers for over 300 sessions, 11 special events and 220 poster presentations over four days.

Thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to complete the 10-question conference survey. Your input and feedback is extremely important to us and will help APPAM improve future conferences and events.

By completing the survey, you will be entered for a chance to win one of three FREE registrations for the 2018 Fall Research Conference at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, DC, November 8 - 10.
Conference Wrap-up!
Missed any of the #2017APPAM conference coverage? Browse everything in one place , including photos, blogs, video interviews and poster winners!
Meet the 2018 Policy Council Nominees
APPAM announced the slate of nominees for the 2018 Policy Council during the Membership Luncheon on Friday, November 3. The Policy Council serves as the organization’s board of directors .

All Policy Council members serve four year terms, while all leadership positions, except for President-Elect, are two year terms. The President-Elect serves a one year term and automatically becomes President after the Fall Conference of their President-Elect year.

Ballots will be sent via email to all members in good standing by December 15 th .

Matthew Stagner, incoming APPAM President-Elect from Mathematica Policy Research
Final call:
Institutional representatives for the Policy Council have until December 1 to announce a run ( email Tara Sheehan).
Call for volunteers:
Institutional Rep Volunteers for Committees Needed
As part of the Institutional Reps Strategic Plan that was approved in the Spring of 2017, a number of committees were created and now need volunteers. 

  • Spring Conference Committee: Five institutional rep volunteers are needed for this committee. Patty Troppe, the chair of the Inst Reps, will chair this committee. The committee will be responsible for identifying the theme of the 2019 Conference, creating the content, soliciting speakers, building an agenda, selecting dates and location for the conference, as well as managing other details. The committee will meet by phone monthly.

  • Teaching and Pedagogy Committee: Five institutional rep volunteers are needed for this committee, as well as one volunteer to serve as the chair of the committee. This committee will be responsible for discussing issues relating to teaching public policy, curricula issues, how the field is changing and how those changes are impacting pedagogy, and promoting best practices within pedagogy and teaching in graduate public policy and public affairs. The committee will meet by phone quarterly.  

  • Doctoral Education and Employment: Five institutional rep volunteers are needed for this committee, as well as one volunteer to serve as the chair of the committee. This committee will be responsible for discussing issues related to the changing needs of the PhD Program Directors and the group of employers that hire policy graduate students. The committee will meet by phone quarterly.  
  • Data Committee: Five institutional rep volunteers are needed for this committee, as well as one volunteer to serve as the chair of the committee. This committee will be responsible for discussing issues related to the rankings and data collection from US News and World Report. The committee will meet by phone quarterly.  

  • Institutional Rep on the Diversity Committee: One institutional rep is needed for this committee. This person will serve on the existing Diversity Committee. The committee meets by phone quarterly.  

If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please email Patty Troppe, , or Tara Sheehan, , by December 31st.
Meeting report:
Institutional Representatives Meeting Report from #2017APPAM
Thank you to all that attended the Institutional Reps Meeting earlier this month in Chicago. Meeting minutes are forthcoming but we do have a programming report that was distributed at the meeting, as well as a summary of votes/actions that were taken at the Policy Council meeting. The summary item was requested at the inst reps meeting and we can share it with the institutional reps at the conclusion of each Policy Council meeting. 

Please note that much of the meeting was spent discussing the new Institutional Reps Committees and we are asking for volunteers for those committees by 12/31. If you can volunteer to serve, please do so!
International Conference:
2018 Theme: Public Policy and Urban Development
The 2018 APPAM International Conference in Mexico City, Mexico, will be held on July 19 – 20, 2018. Join us at the campus of the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM). APPAM invites researchers, analysts and policymakers to critically reflect on their experiences working on issues of public policy and urban development.
The conference will feature more than 70 sessions, two plenary events, poster sessions and receptions. Submissions open on December 4th.

Call for nominations:
Nominate a Student Member For Service on the Policy Council
The APPAM Policy Council includes two seats for student members. The seats are staggered for two-year terms. APPAM is looking for one student to join the board when David Morar, George Mason University, completes his term at the end of 2017.

If you have a student in one of your programs that you would like to nominate for this position, please send one letter of recommendation and a CV to Tara Sheehan, by December 31, 2017. The letter should be from a professor in the program but need not be from the institutional representative. 

  • The student needs to be a current member in good standing of APPAM.
  • They need to be a student at the time of appointment but not necessarily throughout their entire 2 year term.
  • They will be a full voting member of the Policy Council upon appointment.  
  • Travel costs and lodging for all Policy Council meetings are taken care of by APPAM. The student is expected to attend all Policy Council meetings.
  • Only current institutional members are able to nominate students. 
  • The appointee will be chosen by mid to late January and will be announced in conjunction with the rest of the Policy Council election results.

Email Tara Sheehan, , to nominate a student.
Student Advisory Committee:
APPAM's Student Activities Committee (SAC) is assembled from nominees to the Policy Council. While these committee members are not on the Board, they are an integral part of all our student activities and play a big role in determining student programming at the Fall Conference, the content for Student Brown Bag events and other student activities.

Please consider nominating your best students for both of these positions. You do not need to indicate nominees for each position, as the Student Activities Committee members will be selected from the pool of nominees for the Policy Council seat.
JPAM Finds a New Home at American University
The Journal of Policy Analysis and Management will move to its new home at the American University School of Public Affairs in July 2018. Erdal Tekin will assume the role of Editor-in-Chief.

“Professor Tekin has excellent credentials for serving as JPAM’s Editor-in-Chief,” wrote the JPAM Selection Committee. “He is a first-rate academic with a long record of scholarly contributions in the areas of health and demographic economics.”
Submit research to JPAM:
JPAM seeks contributions that span a broad range of policy analysis and management topics with an emphasis on research that conveys methodologically sophisticated findings to policy analysts and other experts in the field. Both domestic and international contributions in public management are welcome, as well as a broad range of policies related to social well-being, health, education, science, environment, and public finance.

Utilize the APPAM E-List to Join Member Discussions
APPAM’s E-Lists are an open forum for APPAM members to freely share their knowledge and questions about policy analysis and management. All members are welcome to participate, regardless of their level of experience. APPAM E-Lists are moderated and all messages are approved before they are sent out. If you have any questions, please contact APPAM at

How to Subscribe:
  1. Log into your APPAM Profile with your username and password
  2. Select My Profile & Invoices
  3. Select My Features
  4. Select E-Lists from the dropdown menu
  5. Select the E-List you would like to subscribe to
  6. Toggle the Subscribed section to ON next to the E-List to which you want to subscribe

Posting to the E-List:
  1. Repeat steps 1 - 5 above.
  2. Select Post a New Message
  3. To reply, select the message you would like to reply to and select Reply
You may also post a message to the APPAM General E-List by sending an email to

APPAM Members in the News
" The new office provides the full complement of Mathematica’s services in policy research, data collection, and data analytics to support effective, data-driven decision making."
"Across the state of Minnesota, local governments are finding creative ways to deliver services to their residents with greater impact and at lower cost. Those projects and nearly two dozen others are being recognized by the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota, as recipients of its 11 th annual Local Government Innovation Awards (LGIA)."
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Mark Your Calendars for These Important Dates
November 14th: Submissions now open through January 10th for the 2018 California Regional Student Conference. The conference is March 9 – 10, 2018.
November 29th: Submissions will open through January 26th for the 2018 DC Regional Student Conference. The conference is April 6 – 7, 2018.
December 4th: Submissions will open through February 7th for the 2018 International Conference in Mexico City. The conference is July 19 – 20, 2018.
December 15th: Election ballots will be emailed to APPAM members and must be returned within 30 days.
Complimentary Memberships

Institutional members receive 20 complimentary student memberships or 5 complimentary professional memberships for junior-level colleagues, as well as one additional complimentary professional membership for the organization's institutional representative.

Do you have students or colleagues who would benefit from a complimentary membership?
Email Meghan Grenda to set them up.