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Workstation Illumination

TSLOTS™ Industrial Light Bar, utilizes advanced LED lighting technology providing high-quality and maintenance-free industrial lighting solutions that will last for years.
  • High brightness with an even light output for a no-glare glow. 
  • Ideal for work stations, machine lighting and control cabinets.
  • Available in 2', 3', and 4' lengths.
  • Lights are easy to install onto TSLOTS extrusions.
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Introducing Parker's New PAC Terminal (PT)    
Thin client HMI works seamlessly with the PAC controller

Reduce HMI hardware costs, development time and downtime while increasing security, performance and system manageability.
The PAC Terminal is a thin-client HMI that has been designed from the start to offer the easiest configuration and connection in the industry. The PAC (Parker Automation Controller) hosts either an embedded Xpress or Web Visualization application, while the PT displays the target visualization and transfers the users touch input commands back to the PAC.
  • Reduce HMI hardware costs
  • Reduced development time
  • Reduce downtime
  • Improve security

LMI Gocator Application
Cylinder Head Volume Checker

 In the automotive industry, volume gauging is an important application in engine development. Each cylinder in an engine block has to be measured for correct combustion volume. While CAD data can be used to determine nominal volume, compliance testing requires the acquisition of a large number of measurement points, their connection by line or curve approximation, and finally computation of the displacement volume.
To meet the unique demands of the engine volume gauging application, LMI has designed the Gocator Cylinder Head Volume Checker. This is the only modular solution for engine volume gauging on the market today.

Microscan 2017 Product Catalog is Now Available  
Are you looking for the right barcode, verification or machine vision solution?

The product catalog showcases Microscan's wide range of innovative track, trace, control and analytics-driven solutions to help manufacturers and labs create error-free operations.  

In addition to specifications on barcode, machine vision and verification products, this catalog provides information on data acquisition, barcode verification technology and industry-specific solutions. Microscan's award-winning AutoVISION® machine vision suite and MicroHAWK® cameras are featured.

Download the product catalog today to find the right solution to dramatically reduce cost and waste, and increase your company's productivity.   

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