Session is Over...Now What?
Education, taxes, and intentional discrimination: The state of Texas is flirting with a branding problem.
During a marathon debate on the House floor full of tears and speeches, Democrats tried to tack on various amendments that would shield children from being asked about immigration papers, or would designate preschools and school events as places where police couldn't ask these questions. None passed.
Oh, you weren't watching all 140 days of the Texas legislative session? We've got you covered — with the best floor fights, the most dramatic moments, the most emotional speeches and, of course, a bill about "masturbatory emissions." 
AUSTIN — Lawmakers passed hundreds of bills and killed many, many more during the 140-day legislative session that ended Monday. From the multi-billion-dollar state budget to a measure that would put Texas among the handful of states calling for a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution, here's a look at what did and didn't get accomplished during the 85th legislative session.