"Sessions with Joe Polise"
 Every Tuesday 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Tarot Readings
Horory Astrology  and
          Charts & Analysis          

Joe has worked with clients from all walks of life, divinely answering questions related to
relationships, career and vocational path. He elects favorable astrological times for his clients to initiate important projects that support favorable outcomes.   

His training is extensive: He completed the National Council for Geocosmic Research - Professional Astrologers Alliance or NCGR-PAA certification program and hold their Level IV certificate as an Astrological Consultant (1998). Joe is a gifted tarot reader and teacher of tarot and astrology.

Tarot Readings
Joe works with you to clarify the best and clearest question and approach for your needs. He offer: he Traditional Celtic Cross Tarot: Insight and Details given on your Attitude and Standing , Past Present Future Influence, Outside Influences , Hidden Beliefs, etc The Specific Relationship Potential Between two People (Romantic, Marriage, or Business Partnerships) The Practical Tarot of Career , Work, and Money.
Horary Astrology
 A horary chart is calculated in the moment based upon the time Joe hears and fully understands your question. One dealing with definite outcomes , for example: Will I be Offered the Job? If so, when will I begin? What is the Nature of This Relationship, Where is it Going? Is the Rumor I Hear True? Will I Move ? Should I Invest? Is the Doctor Capable in Treatment? Horary works best with your serious, urgent; questions, and can show the relationship dynamics between you and other people involved , the future development and timing of any outcome, its difficulty or ease of attainment, and many other relevant details.
Sessions are available on Tuesdays from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm by Walk-In or appointment.  20 minutes for $30 and $1.00 per minute thereafter if you have additional questions.
Joe can also do any Astrological Chart by appointment.  Please bring your birth-time and place for these sessions.
For an appointment with Joe call (773) 271-3054 or online at