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May 3, 2018

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Cathy's Corner 

Hello everyone: 

In lieu of our monthly Masterminds, Think Tanks, and Classrooms at
- that are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, (May 8, 2018), 7:00 p.m. (CST), this month I wanted to present this e-newsletter to everyone so that you can get informed on issues that we all need to get involved in - pedophile sex rings, sex and human trafficking, uninvestigated sexual assaults and rapes, 400,000 untested rape kits in the U.S., the #MeToo movement and the disappearance of black people for organ harvesting.   

Meanwhile, I wanted to step back and take a vacation and be present in the vacation and take my brain, body and soul to a place of total tranquillity as I record everything in my brain bank. 

To me memories is extremely important and all of us need to do our part to leave good memories behind for our family and friends -- when we are no longer here. 

I will never forget one of the happiest times in my life when I went on the road for an entire year. I made a concerted effort to change my life in 2013. I was no longer happy in my city after 20 years so I made plans and left it. 

So many of us stay in situations that we know we want to get out of or we continue to do things in a certain way that is still not bringing us total happiness. 

Happiness is an inside job and it's not just going to show up at your doorsteps. You have to get out there and bring it into your life by changing your life. 

I fully realized that back in 2013, so  I left my city of 20 years, Atlanta, GA, and traveled around the country for an entire year and  recorded tons of memories in my brain bank and I will be telling my story in an upcoming book entitled "My Year On The Road: How I Found True Happiness by Living My Dreams." 

With the world being in such a disarray at this time with a  president that has openly allowed racism to run amok and because of all his sexual antics, women have had to rise up and take back their power through the #MeToo movement. Not only has he ran his presidency like a  reality TV show, but he has put the entire country at risk for a nuclear holocaust

The actions that he has taken has been enough to cause the average person to go insane, instead it is time for all of us to RISE UP, FIGHT BACK and RECLAIM OUR POWER and we can do that by TAKING ACTION

Love ya...

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 Why The Police No Longer Investigate Sexual Assaults and Rapes and What You Need To Know About Sex and Human  Trafficking 
in the U.S. 
Pedophile Rings, Sexual Assaults, Rapes, Untested Rape Kits, Organ Harvesting, #MeToo...

May 3, 2018

By Cathy Harris, Investigative Reporter

Cathy Harris Investigative Reporter

For those of you who don't know it as the author of 25  non-fiction books, a former federal whistleblower , a blogger, advice columnist at and syndicated columnist, I have always considered myself to also be an investigative reporter. 

What I am writing about in this article affects us all. If it doesn't then there is a very good chance that you are now living in a desensitized state -- a state where you don't really want to know about what's truly happening in the world. 

I wanted to write an article that will not just get everyone thinking -- but also launch everyone into action. So send this article to at least 20 people and tell 20 others about the issues in this article. 

You can't make changes in any entity unless you first know the facts.  It's important that we no longer sanitize the truth in this country.  If we are ever going to rebuild this country and restore people's lives back to some sense of normalcy, it's time we all speak the truth. 

Become an Advocate for Women and Children

The month of April is declared to be  Sexual Assault Awareness
Month so are we supposed to sit back and watch these sexual atrocities occur to women and children the other 11 months of the year and not speak out on these issues -- I think not. 

As a young girl with 3 sisters and 5 brothers, I always thought females were very, very special. As a black sheep child, I especially thought this because of my upbringing so I guess you can say I have always been an
advocate  for women and girls especially.

After leaving home and going into the military, I watched and observed closely the unfairness female soldiers faced on a daily basic. 

After leaving the military and ending up in the federal government, I continued to monitor the practices and treatment against women and the odds they were up against and how they were selected and targeted for abuse -- most of the time -- simply because they were women. 

Most of the people in politics today are men. They create laws that govern this country -- laws that compliment men -- not women or families. Workplace laws for instance, hasn't been changed in this country in the last 20 years and these laws were written by men (for men) so I guess you can say that men are in charge in this country. 

War Against Children

Before I discuss the sexual War Against Women, I would like to discuss the sexual War Against Our ChildrenI finally watched the movie
 "Spotlight," on Netflix.

The Boston Globe newspaper, investigative news team called "Spotlight", exposed the horrific scandal of how priests had been raping not just altar boys, but also little girls for many, many, many years in Boston. 

What they found out are that these priests 
pedophile rings were extremely huge and could go as high as the Pope. Instead of Boston being remembered for their awesome Medical Centers and other monumental highlights, they will forever be remembered for this scandal. 

However, the news team proved this sexual scandal by priests, is not just happening in Boston but everywhere - in and out of this country. 

The only reason the newspaper took on the issue in the first place was because they hired a Jewish editor from another city, who wanted the story investigated. So if this editor had never taken this position, this abuse might have continued for many, many more years. 

The newspaper did an awesome job exposing everything and they went after the entire system. 
Other priests (or whistleblowers) who wanted to come forward were threatened with transfers to countries such as South America. 

Everyone in Boston knew it was happening - other priests, the police, and even prosecutors and lawyers were providing cover-ups for the church. 
The church had that much power! Remember it takes a village to raise a child and it also takes a village to abuse them. 

It was a cesspool of corruption within the church and the entire city. One family had 7 boys and they all had been sexually violated and many of the priests admitted the reason they abused many of the children -- were because it had happened to them when they were younger so they thought it was part of everyday life.   

The abuse went back to 1976 and all they did was shuffle priests from church to church.  Many of the victims are no longer here. Many developed drinking and drug problems and others killed themselves.

When they started the story, the news team thought it was only 13 priests who had carried out these sexual violations against children. Boston had 1500 priests total and they found out it was at least 6% that were raping these children, so that number was originally around 90. 

After the story ran in the newspaper -- tons of victims came forward. The " Spotlight" news team published at least 600 stories about the scandal. Over 249 priests and brothers were publicly accused of sexual abuse within the Boston Archdiocese with the  numbers of the survivors in Boston estimated to be well over 1000. 

In 2002, Cardinal Law resigned the Boston Archdiocese. He was then reassigned to the Basilicia di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, one of the highest ranking Roman Catholic churches in the world.

War Against Women/Untested Rape Kits

The war against women is real.  So therefore, I support any movement that caters to the struggle and upliftment of women -- movements that can push women's agendas forward. At the end of the day, it has to be about laws that will protect families -- especially women and children.

According to the documentary entitled "I Am Evidence" on HBO, directed by Mariska Hargitay, the main actor from "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU)", one of the longest running TV shows ever, 19 years total, there is  an alarming number of rape cases nationwide that the police HASN'T EVEN TRIED TO RESOLVE. 

Most TV shows only stay around for 7 to 8 years, but this show has substance and it's one of the only shows that actually educates TV viewers on sexual violence against women

The alarming fact is the police NO LONGER investigates sexual assaults and rapes in this country.  According to the documentary, it's estimated that there is over 400,000 UNOPENED  UNTESTED RAPE KITS nationwide. Some of these cases are even too old to prosecute under the "statute of limitation". 

The groups that were highlighted in the documentary were able to get hundreds of 
SERIAL RAPISTS off the streets because of their investigations -- so what do you think could happen if every state had groups getting involved in this same process. 

Memphis, TN had 1,200 untested rape kits, Louisville, KY had 4,700, Colorado 6,283 and Texas had over 20,000 untested rape kits at the beginning of the documentary. These kits have NEVER been opened and NEVER tested

Many of the rape kits were destroyed or thrown away so many women had to live in fear that the rapist would come back -- and many probably did.

These women were not believable and it was a scandalous belief that they were making up these stories. Police officers referred to victims in police reports as bitches, hoes, hefers, etc. 

They did not believe these women had been raped, especially black 
women...and especially dark-skinned black women, whose life they believed did not have any value. 

On average 86% of sexual assaults that are reported to police departments ARE NEVER reported to the prosecutor's office for consideration.  The police officers would just mark the cases as
unfounded and close the case right there in the police department. 

It's been decades (10 years is a decade) since police departments actually even tried to use these test kits. You can see one city being negligent, but an entire nation failing to protect women. 

For a survivor to come forward -- to muster the strength to come forward -- do you have any idea what it takes? 
What are we as a nation telling our women and children -- that you can be attacked sexually in broad daylight even right inside your own home and there is no protection for you? 

What exactly is the job of the police force? If they are so afraid of their own shadow that they shoot every black man with a cell phone in his hand, or if they need more money and more manpower then give it to them. 

But along with this power -- there must be mandatory, extensive, continuous training and psychological testing to see if they are suited for these jobs in the first place. 

Police officers need to stop putting in for these jobs just because they have an opening.  We, the people of this country, must revisit what it takes to become a police officer -- make changes and pass laws to protect ALL WOMEN, MEN, and CHILDREN in this country.

There must be no favoritism,  nepotism, and cronyism within any ranks of police departments. And police officers who refuse to follow the law or who breaks the law must be weeded out and punished alongside of other criminals.   

The World of Sex and Human Trafficking

After becoming a mother of two daughters, I especially felt the need to protect not just my daughters, but all women and children.  In order to save
our women and girls in this country, we need to pay close attention to a very, very delicate topic
"Sex and Human Trafficking."  

I recently watched the 3-part movie,
"Human Trafficking" on Amazon Prime Movies, which has won several awards.   

So we need to assume when our young girls and boys disappear or go missing, they are either captured into the  sex and human trafficking industry  or they are used for  organ harvesting

For those of you who don't know it, the United States is one of the LARGEST MARKETS for sex slavery in the entire world. S lave  traffickers
around the world have discovered how profitable it is to buy and sell people

As a matter of fact many  drug dealers  are now getting out of the drug business and getting into the  slave or human trafficking business.

In many states, police departments NO LONGER INVESTIGATES 
sexual assaults
or  rapes , which has become the NORM IN THIS COUNTRY.  And this is why  sex and human trafficking  along with organ  harvesting
 are two of the  major crimes  taking place today, that you will never hear about in mainstream media, but these stories and more are available on

So until we put on the books stronger laws that can enforce the protection of women (men and children) against sexual assaults and rapes in this country, sex and human trafficking (#Modern Day Slavery) will continue to take a back seat.
These women, many who are very young, who are captured and forced into this industry,  will not last more than 4 years, if they are not found and set FREE. 

They would have been:
  • Worked to death as a sex slave in a brothel.
  • Murdered
  • Or they would have contacted Hepatitis or AIDS.
Human trafficking has been a whiplash of the
economic downfall on the European market and this is why many women from overseas are shipped here to the U.S. by airplane, on cargo containers, or forced to walk across the borders.

Once here -- like overseas, their lives are a total
nightmare .   Anything can happen in or outside of the comfort of your own home, however, when you go overseas, you really risk becoming the targets of of illegal enterprises.

A flight attendant in the U.S. recently stopped two girls at the airport from entering into the "slave market." We all need to do our parts to be more vigilant when it comes to protecting everyone today, especially women, girls and boys.

Can we depend on law enforcement, Immigration and Customs Enforcement service and other governmental agencies to protect our women and girls from being kidnapped and thrown into this unsavory world -- I say not, especially not today with all the petty bickering and infighting occurring within these law enforcement agencies -- especially after the creation of Homeland In-Security in 2003.

Organ Harvesting is a Real Issue Today Especially for Young People

It's extremely important that everyone check "NO" for organ donations on their driver's license. But still 
that won't stop most perpetrators seeking organs for the wealthy and rich. 

Because all medical records are now on file in Washington, DC, they (aka "the government") have access to these records and know your blood type, what medications you are on, what you are allergic to, and other private and confidential medical information, you thought only your doctor knew. 

An autopsy is a 
postmortem (time following death)
 medical procedure performed by a qualified pathologist. Most autopsies take two to four hours and will not interfere with having the body on view at the funeral. 

Autopsy information can be important to next of kin to offer closure, to aid in legal matters, to offer insight on genetic conditions that might affect other family members, or to help explain an unexpected death. 

Different states have varying privacy laws on who can obtain autopsy reports and results. M ake sure you check the body of your deceased loved ones at hospitals or in morgues to see why they were cut opened. 

Many states are saying it's mandatory to cut open people and conduct an autopsy after death. But how do we know they were actually dead, especially our children in other states. 

Are they taking people's organs illegally 
-- especially when you are not there to stop them.  In several instances, I believe even if you say someone is not an organ donor, no one really knows what happens to people, when you are no longer there or when you can't reach them on time to make these decisions.

Because of GMOs today,  ORGAN FAILURE
actually the 
NUMBER ONE KILLER today. Heart attacks -- that's an organ failure, kidney disease, an organ failure, liver failure, an organ failure. 

So there is a MAJOR DEMAND today for human organs especially for kids, who in many cases today are born with only one kidney and other irregularities because of GMOs. 

There is a very good chance that kidneys will be the organ that will fail. A young child with a good set of kidneys can be donated to an adult and it will grow to normal size. So kidneys are definitely in demand.

Organ harvesting is nothing new in war torn countries, especially when it comes to their children. Israel harvested over 18,000 organs from dead Syrian children in 6 years during the war. 

A 1984 law made human organ trafficking illegal in America. T he first case in the US occurred in July 2009 when an Israeli citizen living in New York, who paid donors in Israel $10,000, was arrested trying to sell them for $120,000 each to three Americans in need of kidney transplants.

The Targeting of Black Folks

Because several young African Americans that went missing were found with missing organs, it's possible that the military, high ranking politicians, police departments (KKKcops), ambulance drivers, doctors at hospitals and pathologists, morticians and others have some type of partnership to harvest organs. 

When many black kids are killed under suspicious circumstances and especially killed by cops, you especially need a second independent autopsy so don't be so quick to cremate these individuals -- instead investigate their causes of death.

Because older black people are the most unhealthiest individuals in this country, chances are they have bad organs so they don't want your organs, but they do want the healthy organs of your kids (young children, teenagers,  young adults and other healthy individuals). However, you can get the bone marrow of adults up to 80 years old, which is also a "sought-after" commodity -- so older people are also used for organ harvesting.

Once you say yes for organ donation on your driver's license or become a "bone marrow" registry member you really put yourself at risk to become a victim. You are listed on the bone marrow registry until the age  of 61, unless you request to be removed from the registry before then. 

Anyone between the ages  of 18 and 60 who meets health guidelines and is willing to donate to any patient in need is able to join the registry.  I would not put anything past anyone connected today to the medical and pharmaceutical industry, which is  BIG BUSINESS -- put into place to keep everyone sick, dying and dead of
"preventable diseases". 

Time and time again we see that law enforcement does nothing but 
abuse their power and go after the less fortunate and those who can't fight back, who are usually black people. 

Law enforcement does nothing but go after African Americans in an effort to fill America's prisons and/or to use our kids for organ harvesting. Those who fight back, many are left maimed or killed and others "their spirit broken", from some type of illegality inflicted upon them and their families by KKKops

Law enforcement can care less about their duties of the law. Like most people in most jobs today, who have suffered from this political season and economic downfall, customer service in most police departments is non-existent. 

If the police is handcuffing white women and girls in plain sight on streets, can you imagine what they are doing to African American men, women and children. 

Many African Americans are stating that people they know and/or their family members are disappearing right off streets, especially after having some type of encounter with police officers, who are KKKops

The Rape of Black Women

You need to really be careful today. These atrocities are just not occurring to our children, but a 50 year old black female, who was raped in the state of Texas a couple of years ago, was held captive for 3 days. 

Holding a person without their consent is actually Sex and Human Trafficking -- which should be against the law. This black woman that was held for 3 days actually lived in Killeen, TX, (next to Ft. Hood), but was raped in another city in Texas so there is a very good chance she was targeted or stalked. 

Even after having the accuser's confession on a recording, the police department refused to do anything about it.  As a matter of fact they told the female if she step feet into their police department just one more time, they would put a surveillance team on her. 

So not only are men free to rape women in the state of Texas, police departments are threatening victims. She found out there are at least 4 police departments (there are many, many more) in the state of Texas that refuse to investigate sexual assaults or rapes. And this is why we need female legislators or men who will change these policies and procedures.

Military Sexual Attacks

In 2016 in Killeen, TX, there were over 286 UNRESOLVED rape cases . Killeen is located next to Fort Hood. Not only is this one of the largest military bases in the U.S., the base is made up of several field units, where soldiers spend a majority of the time conducting manuevers outside away from the base. 

So upon their return, many of these soldiers go out and party and have a good, old time. However, women (and men) in neighboring areas need to be warned. But there is nothing set up in the area, no type of groups or organizations to warn or educate families, who transfer in and out of these areas, on their safety. 

So this could very well be the reason for all the sexual attacks in that area and other Texas areas.  Texas has a large number of  military bases  so we need to ask ourselves is this why Texas has such a large number of unresolved sexual assaults and rapes?

According to military and civilian statistics 4 out of 10 women reported being raped in the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq. So a female soldier was more likely to be attacked by a male soldier than killed by military fire. 

In 1991 over 200,000 female soldiers had reported being raped and today that figure is 500,000 (half a million). Over 80% of sexual assaults or rapes are NEVER REPORTED so those figures are much higher.

Sex offenders are hunters! The military has a large and rich environment for sexual predators. They study the environment and 15% of them raped before the military. 

Remember that RAPE IS ABOUT POWER!!! Even though 1% of men are raped in the military, women have higher rates of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

In 2013, there were hearings held on Capitol Hill to see if they would take the punishment for military men who sexual assault or rape women (and men) out of the military courts into civilian courts, but they decided to keep it "in-house" so these military men who rape women (and men) will go unpunished. 

That decision need to be revisited by "civilian courts." Female soldiers are being raped and killed today especially during war time. See the LeVena Johnson story on .

New Date Rape Drug

Growing up we told our daughters never to go back to a drink that you put down in a club or at a bar, however, many people think it's the fault of women that get attacked sexually inside or outside of these unscrupulous clubs, bars and other drinking establishments -- because of how they are dressed and the areas they visit. 

Today they have a new drug that is used as a date rape drug called "Devil's Breath" (or Scopolamine aka "World's Scariest Drug") that they can just blow in someone's face and they become paralyzed in seconds. 

Not just paralyzed but many people carry on and do things that they are not aware of. People have reported waking up naked in beds or in bathtubs with their organs missing.

Join the #MeToo Movement

Since the U.S. has become one of the largest markets for sex slavery in the entire world, we can no longer ignore what is happening. How can we put our "precious diamonds" (our women and girls) in these delicate positions not to be protected. 

We need to realize that "Modern Day Slavery" is ONLY OCCURRING BECAUSE WE CHOOSE TO IGNORE IT. Again, you will not hear anything about these issues discussed in this article in mainstream media so conduct your own research and investigate these issues by googling the words - Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Organ Harvesting, Pedophile Rings, etc. Also go on and put in the same topics in the search bar. 

Even if women or girls are prostitutes, they still don't deserve to come up missing (Join this website The #MeToo movement is not going to be enough to highlight all the sexual atrocities that is occurring to women in this country, however, it is a good first start. 

The #MeToo movement is not just about Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood Producer, who sexually assaulted and raped 84 women. Many, especially black women, feel even though the #MeToo movement was started by a black women, Tarana Burkethe focus has been taken over by women in Hollywood and that black women need something to highlight their own struggles such as #MeTooBlackWomen

The #MeToo movement was originally created to bring an end to sexual violence so sex and human trafficking should also be included in the #MeToo movement or we  need another movement to bring attention to S ex and Human Trafficking such as  #UntestedRapeKits, 
#ModernDaySlavery or #MeThree movement and/or #IllegalOrganHarvesting. 

"The Grab'em By the Pussy" president has opened the doors not just to racism against Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and others, but he has also opened the doors for men not just to disrespect women, but also to commit violent acts against them. 

Face it -- the U.S. has created a culture that protects pedophiles, sex and human traffickers, illegal organ harvesting, police abuse/brutality, and men who commit sexual violence against women. So the n ext time you go to the polls, just remember we need legislators who will introduce laws to stop pedophile rings, sexual harassment, sexual assaults and rapes in this country, especially in workplaces, sex and human trafficking, illegal organ harvesting and other other egregious acts that many women, men and children are facing today. 

They need to be brave enough to go 'face with face' with these illegal entities and sinister enterprises, which are probably made up of many military personnel, high ranking politicians, law enforcement officers (KKKops) and others in high positions in this country, and this is why there is no longer investigations of sexual assaults and rapes. 

I know this article has a lot of facts to digest, especially for the common, every day citizen. But what you need to remember is that most of the topics in this article are CLOSELY-RELATED or CLOSELY-ASSOCIATED

Just like the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry is BIG BUSINESS now...Pedophile Sex Rings, Sex and Human Trafficking (Sexual Assaults and Rapes), and Organ Harvesting -- are all now BIG BUSINESS -- which means a lot of money is exchanging hands through corrupt enterprises. So when one is investigated, the other topics must also be investigated. 

The reason I did not break the article down into shorter versions for upcoming articles or e-newsletters is frankly I need to move on to other topics -- where I can affect change. Because the world is in such disarray at this time, we all need to do our part to change it. This is my contribution to society, which I hope will be a NEW AWAKENING for many.

Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Self Publishing and Business Coach, and also an Advice Columnist at She is the author of 25 non-fiction books at and can be reached through her empowerment company, Angels Press, P.O. Box 19282, Austin, TX 78760, , email: She is available for seminars, workshops, webinars/teleseminars and consultations at  

Devil's Breath
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"Devil's Breath" 
New Date Rape Drug

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Kendrick Johnson's organs missing

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Spotlight - The Story of Catholic Priests Raping Kids

I Am Evidence (2018) Official Trailer | HBO
I Am Evidence (2018) Official Trailer | HBO - 400,000 Unopened Untested Rape Kits

Human Trafficking 2005 trailer
Human Trafficking 2005 Trailer - How Human Trafficking Takes Place

Bill (or "Pill") Cosby Verdict

By now everyone is weighing in on the Bill Cosby verdict. It's ironic that Bill Cosby was found guilty in the month of April, which is Sexual Assault Awareness month. It seems like they had all their ducks lined up in a row to take him out.

Basically, I have nothing to say but if you do the crime, you need to do the matter what color you are. However, we do need to ask ourselves -- did they use him as a scapegoat, guinea pig or sacrificial lamb. 

Did the #MeToo movement feel that they needed a win at this time and was he just offered up? Or was he i ndeed railroaded because he was attempting to buy a TV network? 

Gloria Allred, the fearless discrimination attorney for some of the witnesses is saying he needs to set aside 100 million dollars to pay to the victims. And many newspapers and online news is reporting on cases and lawsuits against Harvey Weinstein so his victims are also lining up to take him out. 

I am pretty sure that Harvey Weinstein is probably guilty, but n one of us need to be naive when it comes to whether Bill Cosby is innocent or guilty.  I know upfront that many entities today, including the police, who have been caught several times planting drugs on innocent victims, can railroad innocent people. 

They can do this by approaching witnesses ahead of time and setting up unscrupulous deals with them, especially monetary deals.  For instance, on my job as a former federal whistleblower (
with the Customs Service, when I had my first (1st) out of four (4) administrative hearings (10 complaints, a sexual harassment complaint and a whistleblower complaint), my supervisors had 20 of my co-workers (all white employees) write sworn statements against me. 

Some of the employees were willing to write sworn statements even though they were not even present at the times of certain incidents, so this is how far they went to make me lose at my hearing.

However, despite the desperate collection of sworn statements from 20 of my co-workers, the Administrative Judge still ruled on my behalf and I won my case.The judge said that I should never have been suspended for 5 days because I did not do anything wrong.

As much as I enjoyed Bill Cosby coming up, I just can't give my energy to what has happened to him and as a Billionaire, I wish him well. I did not follow the case so I will stay in my own lane and do what I can to affect changes in other areas of my life.

Continue to Boycott Starbucks
Put hashtag everywhere 

Black men arrested at Starbucks settle for $1 each, and a promise of $200K for young entrepreneurs program

Even though the case was settled...for $200K -- still continue to boycott. Despite giving the money to a good cause, they still should have asked for more money and even more changes. 

"Some people are called on to become leaders -- but many won't be able to whether the storm." 

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