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Return of the Shad: The Season Kicks Off Soon
Shad, the largest fish in the Herring family, comes into season around this time of year and the season keeps on going until Mother's Day. This American classic is particularly exciting, and there are actual festivals that celebrate such a highly unique fish. There's ShadFest every year in Lambertville, NJ so if you're a big fan of Shad and its roe, you've just found your new favorite festival. It takes an exceptional pair of hands to cut and fillet a Shad, and our master fish cutter Mung Phan is truly the expert when it comes to removing all of those pesky little bones by hand. With its rich and robust flavor and texture, this is a fish that needs to be tasted to be believed. The bones melt into the fish when roasted for about four hours if you're looking to just grab the whole fish and do it that way. You could also sear the full-flavored Shad, which plays well with strong flavors such as garlic, tomato sauce, or chili peppers. Our Shad is available as a whole fish, hand cut boneless fillets, and roe sets and we're getting it straight outta Georgia. For the most part, Shad tend to hang out in the open sea, but come spring time the fish makes its way into freshwater rivers for spawning. Otherwise known as "the fish that fed the American nation's founders," George Washington thought Shad was pretty special when he fed his army with it during the troop's stay in Valley Forge for the Revolutionary War, and we think it's pretty special too. Give us a call for information about availability - it's coming soon!

Reeling Them In

Looking Locally:  Your customers will have great seafood options for Valentine's Day with choices such as New Jersey Scallops, Chesapeake Wild Striped Bass, Rhode Island Black Sea Bass, Porgies, Fluke and Squid along with Massachusetts Market Cod, Monkfish and Maine Sweet Shrimp.  From further South, we have excellent quality American Red Snapper from right off the Panama City coast in addition to Mahi and Red Grouper.  Fresh, iced and ready to go, these fish will provide a delightful night.   From across the pond, Nordic Skrei Cod are also swimming into our docks.  This special fish has an unbeatable coloring and lean, meaty flesh.
Availability Update: Along with Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year coming up, Lobster prices always increase during this time of year due to cold temperatures, we generally see somewhat limited availability, however, we have you covered with healthy Lobster.  Freezing temperatures in Canada and high demand has also limited Canadian Salmon.  Don't fret, we have fresh True North Salmon ready for your order.  Top Neck and Cherrystone Clams are also in high demand but our purchasers are doing a great job at bringing in what is available.  Speak with your rep for all the latest daily updates on the fish you need and please remember to give us a heads up on large or special orders so we can make your Valentine's Day an easy, convenient day.

Be Prepared for Valentine's Day This Year!
Heads up! Valentine's Day is very quickly approaching and we're gearing up to get all your orders out on time and in your hands. Be sure to reach out to your sales rep in advance about any of your big orders for the February holidays this month. If you have any special orders that include shucked Oysters, specialty Japanese fish, custom cut portions, or special-order Oysters, let us know as early as possible so we can ensure that you get everything you need. 

Another "Philly Special."  American Shad.
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