A late summer garden has a tranquility found no other time of the year.
~William Longgood
This interesting summer, with all the rain, has rewarded us with spectacular hydrangeas! Now that they are starting to turn their pinkish fall tones, we are embracing all things fall! Join us for our fall flowering plants including grasses, mums, asters, burning bushes and more!
Spring-flowering bulbs are arriving and we are looking forward to sharing what's new and different this year! Read on for information on choosing and planting your bulbs - don't forget, this is the perfect time to plant your garlic for next year's harvest!
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Fall Hours: 
Monday to Friday :: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday :: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Sunday :: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Spring forward...
Plant fall bulbs now for outstanding spring blooms!
Now is the time to plan for a beautiful show of colour with spring-flowering bulbs.
Every bulb has its own period of bloom. With the information on the labels and bit of planning, you will be able to enjoy your displays of colour from the beginning of spring right through until May or June.  

Pure Hen Manure by Acti-Sol
Hen manure is the only fertilizer that naturally contains calcium.  Acti-Sol fertilizers made from hen manure are 100% natural.  The product undergoes rigorous quality control procedures from beginning to end.

This product is in a granular form and easy to use by just sprinkling it on your gardens.  It is active through the entire growing season because the granules slowly and gradually release the nutrients the plants can then readily absorb them.  Hen manure increases the quantity of organic matter in the soil, improves biological activity and water retention.  It's great for planting with bulbs as it's been known to keep the squirrels away!
Pure Hen Manure is available at the Dufferin Garden Centre.

Hand Bulb Planter by Holland Greenhouse
The wood handled metal bulb planter from Holland Greenhouse is a wonderful tool to simplify and speed-up bulb planting. Light-weight and simple to use.

Bulb Planter is available at the Dufferin Garden Centre. 
Forcing Bulbs in Containers
When it is dreary outside this winter, how nice it will be to have bulbs bring colour to your window sills and living room!
A little bit of planning and work this fall will be sure to bring smiles as your garden bursts into colour early next spring. Enjoy!

Feature Plant :: Perennial Aster
Asters are daisy-like perennials bringing bright colour to the late summer and fall garden. They start their blooming in response to the shortening days of fall. Blooming from August through October.
Asters are a rich source of nectar (bee magnet!) and an important plant in the monarch butterfly migration season.  

Keeping Squirrels out of your Bulbs
It's a question we hear every fall.  After spending time to plant some spring-flowering bulbs, squirrels are notorious for digging them back up again.  They don't seem to bother daffodils and other narcissi bulbs but find the tulips and crocus particularly tasty!

Follow the link for some natural ways to (hopefully) keep them at bay.

Top 5 New Bulbs just arrived at the Dufferin Garden Centre
All of our bulbs are grown, harvested and imported directly from Holland. This way we are able to offer high quality bulbs to our customers

5. Vanilla Cream Greigii Tulip: soft cream-yellow with a dark stem and mottled foliage (mid-spring)

4. Spring Cheer Mix: Early Spring Mix of Narcissus, Muscari and Chlonodoxia

3. Bulldog Fringed Tulip: dark purple colours with a distinctive fringed edges (late-spring)

2. Hakuun Darwin Hybrid Tulip: pristine white tulips from start to finish - a real show stopper! (late spring)

1. Peptalk: Double Peony Tulips with large, ruffled petals in a pink and white mix (late-spring)
Planting Garlic
Garlic is one of the oldest herbs on record. It is easy to grow and is a powerhouse of vitamins, protein and in addition to other health boosters, helps to lower high blood pressure. Growing this beneficial herb is wonderful as you can use it at every stage of growth.    
Be sure to stop by the Dufferin Garden Centre and pick up your garlic...they are one of our most popular bulbs in the fall!



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