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Month of Ma'at                                                                     Libra, 2012

Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt Workshop




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a FIVE day  Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt workshop with Linda Star Wolf assisted by Ruby Falconer

October 13 - 17 at Isis Cove 
in the beautiful blue mountains of North Carolina 


During this five day workshop noted author and shamanic teacher Linda Star Wolf will be your guide through several initiations into the
Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt. 
Ruby will be on-hand to provide teachings in
Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. 

Don't miss this rare opportunity to experience the initiations of the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt with Linda Star Wolf

or call 828-631-2305  
for more information and/or to register. 

Linda Star Wolf is the co-author , with Nicki Scully, of
Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt; Awakening the Healing Power of the Heart and The Anubis Oracle; A Journey Into the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt.  This material was the inspiration for the co-creation of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology by Star Wolf and Ruby. 


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Monthly Highlights


Eye of Horus

Today, October 5, Sobek (Saturn), moves into the emanation of Bast (Scorpio), after two and a half years in the emanation of Ma'at (Libra). 

SobekSobek 3 is the Old King of the Shamanic Egyptian Mysteries.  Like all those accustomed to holding the reins of power, Sobek expects to have his demands met upon command.  This Old King carries a lot of wisdom - he knows how to wield power and how to reign.  And like many Old Kings, his tendency is to hang on to power long after it is time to release it to the next generation.

Sobek is aligned with the planet Saturn in Shamanic Egyptian Astrology.  Saturn is associated with constriction, limitation and restriction.  In traditional astrology, Saturn was known as the "Great Malefic" and those born with Saturn strong in their chart were believed to be cursed by oppression and bad luck. 

In the Egyptian archetypal mysteries, Sobek in the Crocodile
crocodile god.  He is the Warrior King Set when he has grown old.  He represents the time which comes inevitably to us all - when it is time to release our grip on the status quo, die to that which no longer
serves us, and be renewed into a new aspect of ourselves. 

Sobek/Saturn is the reptilian part of our brain which is concerned primarily with survival.  This is the most ancient part of ourselves that assesses everything in terms of danger or safety, fight or flight.  He is the source of our ego, which begins to be formed very early in our lives, when our young emerging self begins to perceive what we need to be and do in order to be nurtured and survive.  We become unconsciously identified with this aspect of ourselves and when it is time to release it we resist.  To give up some long-held belief about what it is that will keep us safe is frightening.  We may know that our fear is irrational, yet there it is, none-the-less.   

When Saturn moves through a particular sign of the zodiac, that area of experience is signaled out Constriction
for focus and examination through restriction and limitation.  Transits of Saturn often feel oppressive as the Old King will not allow us to look at anything except the issue at hand.  Over the last two and a half years, Sobek has been in the emanation of Ma'at (Libra).  Libra is associated in traditional astrology with relationships and values harmony and lack of strife.  During this period, we have found ourselves collectively at odds with one another, both within our western society as well as globally.  Deeply held values clash against one another.  The symbol for Libra is the scales.  When the two opposite poles are in a healthy relationship, the scales are in dynamic balance.  When they are out of balance, the scales resemble a teeter-totter with one end grossly outweighing the other.  Our experience, both personally, collectively and globally, has shown us all the places where we are out of balance with each other and within ourselves. 

Sobek moving through the emanation of Bast will shift the focus away from our relationship with others and toward our inner selves.  Bast, the cat Bast5
goddess of ancient Egypt, awakens within us our deepest longing.  She lures us seductively toward what we most yearn for and calls to us to release - to die to - anything that is preventing us from embracing our soul's longing.  In traditional astrology Bast is aligned with the powerful water sign, Scorpio.  Scorpio is associated with intense processes - death, birth, sexuality, peak experiences of all varieties.  Sobek moving through the emanation of Bast will put the focus on these areas of personal and collective life.  The Old King will force us to address the areas where we are not in full communion with our holy longing and to die to whatever resistance we might have around fully embracing our soul's next right step.   

On a mundane level, the energy is being ratcheted up another notch.  Those already consumed by the fire of zealotry and judgment will be even more passionate about their assumption of their right Magic Cat perspective.  Others will struggle with questions around sexuality and the right use of life force energy.  All will have the opportunity to move through the birth canal, lured by the seductive purr of Bast as she invites us to release our fears and jump into the void, so that we might be reborn into the next incarnation of ourselves.  

Sobek, and Thoth (Mercury) - associated with thought inspired by connection to the divine - both enter the emanation of Bast on October 5Sobek will remain in the emanation of Bast until December, 2014.  


Ma'at3 Ma'at is the Egyptian goddess of balance, truth and justice.  In traditional astrology she is associated with the air sign Libra, the first of the six signs concerned with the growth and development of the collective.

In traditional astrology, the key phrase for Libra is "I desire relationship."  Those with Libra strong in their chart value harmony and beauty.  They are gifted at finding the middle path between two opposing perspectives.  They easily can see both points of view and make excellent Libra mediators, negotiators, and facilitators.  They function as the fulcrum of the scales - the symbol for the sign Libra - and in that capacity hold the place of dynamic balance between two opposing points. 

The shadow side of Libra is codependency.  At times the desire for harmony outweighs the capacity for true negotiation, which requires comfort with conflict.  Those with Libra energy sometimes focus more on the relationship than the person they are relating to.  They lose sight of who that person actually is, overlaying onto them their ideal of what they want them to be.  At this Uneven Scales point they have lost themselves in the illusion of relationship - they no longer see the actual person they are in relationship with.  They can become lost in behaviors unconsciously designed to keep the relationship alive - often at great cost.  Behaviors such as people-pleasing, caretaking those capable of caring for themselves and rescuing, destroy the true goal of relationship - that of experiencing a dynamic balance between two whole and complete individuals.

Ma'at, the Shamanic Egyptian Astrology archetype aligned with Libra, is often represented as a beautiful woman quite similar in appearance to Isis, the great Queen of Heaven.  Ma'at can be Ma'at recognized by the feather plume she wears upon her crown.  When the newly deceased are taken into the underworld by Anubis, they meet Ma'at, who weighs their heart upon her scale.  In order to proceed to the Du'at, the Egyptian version of the afterworld, their heart must be lighter than her feather.  Our actions must always be weighed against the truth of our hearts for actions not connected to love are inevitably destructive and hurtful.

In the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, Ma'at appears to us wearing a crown of mirrors.  Try though we may, we find that we cannot see her face clearly.  All we see when we look at her is our own reflection.  Here we experience the deepest teachings of the goddess of truth and balance.  All relationships - whether they be love relationships, family, friendship or work, have the potential to teach us something about ourselves.  In our responses to the actions and behaviors of others we learn who it is that we are - what we value, what matters to us - and often, if we are discerning, we can discover why.  All relationships reflect back to us something about ourselves - our beauty as well as our pettiness and judgments.  All we have to do in order to receive these teachings is to be willing to own our own responses rather than assuming that someone else "makes" us feel in a certain way.  If we can't stand someone or something someone has done, is it truly just because they are a terrible person?  Or is there something in them that is uncomfortably familiar to us?  If we find ourselves compellingly drawn to someone is it just because they are a fantastic person?  Or is there some unowned aspect of ourselves that we see reflected in their eyes?

This is our experience of The Shadow and will be a known concept to those familiar with the work of Carl Jung, noted 20th century Swiss psychologist.  Being willing to "dance with our shadow" requires that we remain ever conscious of our responses to others.  When someone "pushes our buttons" they have given us an opportunity to understand something about ourselves.  Why is it that what they have done makes us so angry?  Or delights us so much?  What happens in the external world is but a reflection of our inner selves.   Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of truth and balance, reflects back to us all that is true about ourselves as we relate to others.



Ruby Falconer is the co-creator, with Linda Star Wolf of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology.  Their book,  
"Shamanic Egyptian Astrology; Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods", published by Inner Traditions/Bear & Co., is available at local bookstores and through Barnes and Noble and Amazon.






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