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Featured events for the week of  
November 8, 2017:


Free Virtual Event w/ Don Oscar Miro-Quesada 
Sacred Shamanic Practices for You, Your
Community & Mother Earth          

Is your heart breaking over the state of the world?
If so, and you'd like to discover how to reconnect to the qualities of love, forgiveness, and reverence for the great web of life - and how to put these qualities into practical action - I have a very special invitation for you.
On Wednesday, November 8, Peruvian psychologist and shamanic teacher don Oscar Miro-Quesada will guide you in a discovery of The Medicine of Ayni: The Shamanic Healing Art of Living in Sacred Reciprocity With All Our Relations.
You can register for FREE here:  
In this virtual event, you'll discover:
  • The universal, restorative powers of Ayni of the Andean shamanic lineage
  • How the principle of "sacred reciprocity" and reverence of the Earth is essential to the future of all of life on the planet
  • The 5 types of earth offerings (despachos) to rock, tree, and other spirits for planetary healing and regeneration
  • Insights into the ways you can align your shamanic ceremonial practices with the rhythms of the Earth and the seasons
Don Oscar Miro-Quesada is a lineage holder who straddles ancient shamanic pathways, modern psychology, and a global worldview. Through teachings, ritual, and stories, he will support you in expanding your consciousness to allow a heartfelt communion and loving exchange with all of life!
Join us and receive don Oscar's tools and practices, which can help heal you and our precious planet.
You can register here:  


Discover the Healing Power of Celestial Herbology    

Are you dragged down by stress? Feeling challenged by a less-than-strong immune system?
A powerful new synthesis of Ayurvedic Herbology and Vedic Astrology can help you heal and transform on every level of your being - emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual.
And the creator of this pioneering approach, Brazilian healer, Ayurvedic practitioner, and spiritual teacher Arjun Das, will be giving a FREE virtual mini-workshop on Saturday, November 11.
I hope you'll join me for Discover the Power of Celestial Plant Medicine: How to use Herbalism, Essential Oils, and Vedic Astrology for Healing, Happiness & Spiritual Growth.
You can RSVP for free here:  
During this fascinating online workshop, you'll discover:
  • How to create a home pharmacy using local, medicinal plants - mapped to the stars and their associated divinities
  • How your mental clarity, emotional wellbeing, and physiology are linked to different medicinal herbs, aromatics, and astrological wisdom
  • How different illnesses, imbalances, and health issues are connected to your life challenges and karma - as revealed in your birth chart
  • How applying specific essential oils (such as Palo Santo) can heighten your awareness and connection with the Divine, accentuated by complementary archetypes found in the stars
In the ancient Ayurveda wisdom tradition, medicinal plants were classified according to the Sun, Moon, and planets... and how they are aspected can have a big effect on your constitution and physical challenges.
You won't want to miss your chance to let Arjun guide you to your next level of health, vitality, and emotional and spiritual wellbeing, through this pioneering synthesis for holistic healing.
This event will expand your mind and your awareness about all the different and surprising dimensions at play in your health... and all for FREE!
Register here:


Discovering Dream Yoga     

Did you know that you can turn your sleep time into a "night school" where you can explore your higher Self, the nature of reality, and cultivate awakened consciousness?
It's true. Through the powerful, ancient practice of Tibetan Dream Yoga, you can become "awake" and aware that you're dreaming when you're asleep AND turn your dreamtime into your most dedicated spiritual practice.
If you'd like to discover how this next level of lucid dreaming can open the door to your accelerated transformation, then I have a very special invitation for you!
On Wednesday, November 15, author and spiritual teacher Andrew Holecek will present a FREE online event: Discovering Dream Yoga: Next Level Lucid Dreaming & Tibetan Practices for Awakening, Healing & Liberation.
You can register here:  
During this fascinating hour, you'll discover:
  • The foundations for practicing Tibetan Dream Yoga, which inspire self-transcendence rather than wish fulfillment - and can have dramatic effects on your daily life
  • 4 primary Tibetan nocturnal practices (including lucid dreaming)
  • Fascinating insights into the science behind lucid dreaming and its ability to help you quickly and easily release limitations from the past and open to new skills
  • A dream state to cultivate healing and what you want in your life
  • Tools to navigate nightmares and more...

Please join me for this mind-expanding hour, where you'll get a glimpse into the more advanced stages of lucid dreaming and receive practical advice for navigating where you are - even if you have yet to have a lucid dream.
And best of all, as you learn how to build a foundation of nocturnal spiritual practice, you'll begin to experience yourself as a more vast, multidimensional being, open to more clarity, joy, and wisdom emerging during your waking life.
You can RSVP for free here:   


How to Heal Through Past Life Exploration     

Do you experience recurring emotional, physical, or relationship challenges that you just can't seem to find the reason for?
What if these repeated challenges are actually part of a thread that weaves together your past lives with this one - to evolve your soul and help you fulfill your higher purpose for incarnating?
If you're ready to discover more about why you're facing particular challenges in this lifetime AND how you can transform them, I'm thrilled to invite you to a free online event Saturday, November 18, with renowned author, psychologist, and regression therapist Linda Backman:
How to Heal Through Past Life Exploration: Transform Physical & Emotional Challenges by Clearing the Unresolved Karma from Your Soul's Journey.
You can find out more and reserve your complimentary seat here:
If you're intrigued to learn more about healing through past-life exploration, there's no better teacher than Linda Backman. She has decades of experience working with hundreds of clients in past life (and between life) regression therapy, and has also trained thousands in her methods.
In this fascinating hour, you'll discover:
  • Why unresolved karma may be the hidden cause of chronic health issues in particular parts of your body
  • How you can heal chronic health issues through understanding your past lives and relationship patterns
  • Powerful stories of past-life explorations uncovering key karmic information for physical and emotional healing - and how these examples may support your own healing
  • How to heal relationship patterns and bring more love and intimacy to key relationships by discovering your past life karma and its patterns
  • What past life regressions can reveal about your potential lives on other planets and how these experiences may be causing you illness or emotional issues now
Don't miss this opportunity to have Linda guide you to a deeper awareness of the ways your past-life karma plays out in this lifetime... and how to transform it!
You'll begin to see how challenges - from health crises to the loss of loved ones - often contain just what you need to grow your soul and open to greater fulfillment in this lifetime.
You can RSVP for free here: 

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