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Shang Tea Newsletter: June 2011
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Shang's Tea Fields


Shang's Tea Fields

Shang's Tea Fields

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Fellow Tea Lover,


This month we are excited to introduce a few new features for our newsletter and our website. First of all, we are rolling out a blog, which you can find here! We will be sharing in depth articles, perspective, and news from our farm, store, and the tea industry at this blog. Secondly, we are introducing a starter set for those who are new to the tea scene. Bundled in this set is either our 8 oz, 12 oz, or glass filter tea cup and five of our tea sample packs. Check out these great sets here. Finally, we are introducing our first video this month, where we give a quick demo on how to use our Filter Tea Cup. Enjoy, and please let us know what other videos you would like to see!
Here is the news for June...
Filter Tea Cup


Since we are now going to be selling great starter packs with our filter tea cup and tea samples, we thought it was only fitting to also share a little video about how to use the filter tea cup. Enjoy!


Filter Tea Cup
Filter Tea Cup


Making Loose Leaf Iced Tea


Summer is finally here and that means lots of sun and hot weather! It also means lots of iced tea for those who enjoy cool refreshing drinks on those dog days of summer. Making iced tea with loose leaf tea though can seem like a daunting task especially when compared to the ease of tea bags. In this article, I'm going to outline two easy ways to make iced tea with loose leaf tea and hopefully show that this process can be just as easy and convenient as using tea bags with the full, rich flavor that you expect from loose leaf tea.


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Tea Trivia Question


Last month we introduced a trivia contest and it was apparantly an easy question since everyone got it right! This month we'll throw a harder question at you; What is the Chinese name for Silver Needle Tea? Check out our facebook page to submit your answer!

From all of us here at Shang Tea (Shang, Fang, Lily, Erin and Nick), thank you for your support! Please visit us at our store sometime soon, we'd love to join you for a cup of tea!

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Store Products


White Peony King

White Peony King Leaves

Smooth and mellow White Peony King is honored for its soothing "health-giving" properties; this delicate white tea offers a silky texture and savory undertones. Won Golden Grand Prize in the Fujian Province Awards--#1 White Tea


Jasmine Snow Dragon

Jasmine Snow Dragon Leaves

Truly a treasure tea, freely rolled tea leaves open to present a delicate and beautiful jasmine flavor. Jasmine Snow Dragon is a very special tea of Shang Tea.




Jasmine White Tea Classic

Jasmine White Tea Leaves

Artful and exquisite, combining our high quality white tea with jasmine blossom infusion. Harvested in warm weather when the tea leaves grow quickly and form sweet, tightly-formed leaves.        






Pao Blossom White Tea

Pao Blossom White Tea Leaves

Cultivated on only 3-5 square miles of land in the world, the rare Pao Blossom is a relative of the grapefruit used medicinally in China to lower blood pressure and clean impurities away from the body. Our artesian tea infuses Pao blossoms four times with smooth white tea to create remarkable floral flavor unlike any tea. Shang Tea is the sole producer and only company to sell Pao Blossom Tea in the world


Honeysuckle White Tea

Honeysuckle White Tea Leaves

Smooth and soothing, this tea creation is from our "white peony King" white tea and wild Honeysuckle blossoms for a round and enchanting cup. This combination is not only beautiful and delicious, it contains wonderful healthful qualities.





High Mountain Green Tea (Premium)

High Mountain Green Tea Leaves

Like sunlight sparkling through leaves, refreshing bright clear green cup with strong flavor and crisp finish. This tea was grown in the misty billows of our 2700ft high mountaintop teafield, the rarest type of green tea plant. The very small and tender leaves create a sweet and very "green" flavor. Compared to most green teas, Our High Mountain Green Tea is slightly sweeter and milder.


Golden Needle King

Golden Needle King Leaves

Shimmering golden buds create a crisp and robust red tea made from fermented white tea buds and young leaves. Most red tea and black teas are derived from the green tea variety bush; this tea is derived from a white tea plant achieving a smoother touch. Our golden needle is grown on Tai Mu Mountain. A unique and new tea, Golden Needle is so named for its long narrow golden tipped leaves. Golden Needle is a rich full-bodied red tea with a rose-flavored finish.


Tangerine Blossom Red Tea

Tangerine Blossom Red Tea Leaves

Made from fermented white tea leaves and tangy tangerine blossoms added towards the end of the fermentation process. A pleasant, citrus flavor complements the deeper nutty Red Tea base.