Drawing the Figure in Three to Five Shapes
Thursday, April 26th, 2012
6:30 - 9:30pm

Join Bil Donovan at the Society of Illustrators for a Special Event Sketch Night.  Bil will begin the evening with a short demonstration on how to see and communicate
the figure in three to five shapes. This idea will be the guiding premise for the evening in drawing fashion figures. There will be three fashion models. Bil will be assisting as many attendees as possible throughout the evening.

Required Supplies:
Any drawing medium
Tracing paper
Vision and energy

I love shapes. Positive, negative, large or small, textured, patterned, filled with value or minimal, shapes are essential to the foundation of my work. Shapes are one of the most important elements in observing and creating visual art. They are the guiding force in design and composition whether in drawing, painting
sculpture or photography.

ook around and you will find yourself surrounded by shapes of all sizes, composed of light, shadow, texture and pattern. Most of us were introduced to the language of shapes when we first put crayon to paper and colored inside the lines of a simple illustration in a coloring book. Those contour drawings were made up of various shapes that altogether composed a single image.

The purpose of this session is to introduce the idea of seeing the figure in terms of shapes, primarily three to five shapes and how to present those shapes in a dynamic and interesting manner. How you interpret those shapes is up to you... and will eventually communicate your style and vision as well as reinvent your

preconceived methods of seeing and drawing.
-Bil Donovan

$20/ $10 students

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