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She Who Walks With the Lions
Genesis, Oakland, CA

Shelley Coppock is a Mary's Pence board member who lives in Oakland, California. She recently met with Mary Lim-Lampe, Genesis Lead Organizer, a two time Mary's Pence Grant recipient that develops community leaders who collaborate to solve community problems.

Genesis is an interfaith coalition of congregations and other institutions located in California's Alameda County, Oakland East Bay area. Created in 2007, the values-based organization unites a broad base of people to work on issues of social justice and racial/economic equity. Affiliated with the international Gamaliel Foundation and following in the Saul Alinsky school of issue-oriented community organizing, the group emphasizes training and leadership development in low-income communities to help create the "Beloved Community." Its active participants include youth interns, and "leaders" (not just volunteers) from its various constituent organizations. They encourage members to reflect on what is keeping them from taking leadership. As an organization, Genesis always thinks about and inserts an understanding of institutional racism into its work and consciously "talks to the middle" instead of speaking only to groups and individuals who already agree with them.

Genesis received its first Mary's Pence grant in 2013, enabling a group of young women to participate in Gamaliel's national community organizing training program for women, called Ntosake, an African word that means "she who walks with the lions and carries her own things." The orientation of the training by Gamaliel and Genesis is agitational: to help politicize young women through seeing and experiencing themselves as powerful people. The young women also participated in Genesis' two-year issue campaign to obtain free youth bus passes in Alameda County, speaking out at large public meetings and to the media. Octavia Moore, a Genesis youth intern from Oakland's First Congregational Church, told her story of relying on the public bus to go to school and back home to a local environmental group.
Black Lives Matter  

Katharine Garvey-Hall is the older sister of Mary's Pence Development and Communications Liaison, Grace Garvey-Hall. She grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN, studied social justice and education reform at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania, and earned her masters in Urban Education at the University of Chicago. She currently teaches middle school in the Chicago public schools. As a white woman and a daily witness to racism, she offers unique insight into the role of white people in the growing Movement for Black Lives.

The origin of this grows out of a family dinner conversation. Let me set the scene: I am sitting in my parent's backyard on a cool August evening. I am visiting my childhood home in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN from Chicago where I now live. Today, Black Lives Matter protesters marched to the gates of the Minnesota State Fair to call attention to the lack of vendors of color at the fair, in addition to the broader Black Lives Matter platform such as police brutality. The protest sparked controversy in our community that reflects a national conversation about Black Lives Matter.

"I guess I just don't understand what they are trying to accomplish" one of my family members says.  Another offers a critique about the process: "I agree that police violence should be stopped, I just don't feel like they are going about it in the right way."

These are refrains that I have often heard before. Honestly, I've made comments like these before too. It is in those moments that I have to pause.

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100 Women 100 Miles
Mary's Pence sponsored Kim Anderson, one of the only non-latina women to march to Washington D.C. to meet the Pope. The march raised awareness of the need for immigration reform. Check out their video!
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To Change the World Enough
Alice Walker    

To change the world enough
you must cease to be afraid
of the poor.
We experience your fear as the least pardonable of
humiliations; in the past
it has sent us scurrying off
daunted and ashamed
into the shadows.
the world ending
the only one all of us have known
we seek the same
fresh light
you do;
the same high place
and ample table.
The poor always believe
there is room enough
for all of us;
the very rich never seem to have heard
of this.
In us there is wisdom of how to share
loaves and fishes
however few;
we do this everyday.
Learn from us,
we ask you.
We enter now
the dreaded location
of Earth's reckoning;
no longer far
or hidden in books
that claim to disclose
it is here.
We must walk together without fear.
There is no path without us.


We envision a world where empowered women 

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