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Live Feed Shares Construction of Gelardi Student Center

As you read this message, construction is active on campus and our capital campaign is underway . The new Drs. Thom and Betty Gelardi Student Center will underscore the institution’s focus on student success, including a new library, bookstore, campus café, large meeting space, student study spaces, lounge areas and more. Want to keep up with the construction of the Gelardi Student Center? This page posts 6 new photos every 30 minutes!
Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

When Assistant Professor of Clinical Sciences Kelly Miller, D.C., ’88, heard a request on the radio for “Cards for Kids,” last Friday morning, she took quick action, knowing her ninth quarter students would be ready to lend a hand.

The Children’s Hospital at Greenville Health System had requested Valentine’s Day cards for children who would not be able to receive Valentines from their schools, family and friends due to health-related issues. Miller stopped at the store, picked up a few bags of craft supplies and headed to campus.

After reviewing for her upcoming midterm, Miller brought a welcome change of pace to her classroom – pulling out packages of stickers, construction paper, markers and other decorations. Her students immediately got to work making Valentines for the children. “It was so spontaneous,” Miller said. “They were motivated within their hearts. It was a beautiful experience to watch them create so many cards for the children."

Lindsay Carature Portillo (pictured, bottom left) was among the students in Miller’s class to participate in the project. “It’s been such a long time since I’ve done anything creative like that,” she said. “It was great to see everyone in class so engaged in creating beautiful cards for the kids at Greenville Memorial. Everyone wrote inspiring messages for the kids, but in doing that, I think it also inspired us. This program is emotionally and physically taxing, but I doubt it’s anything compared to what some of these children are experiencing in their lives.”
Showcase Sherman Weekend Welcomes Prospective Students, Guests

Sherman College kicked off its first Showcase Sherman Weekend for 2018 on February 9-10 with 70 guests at the AC Hotel in downtown Spartanburg. Due to construction on campus, these prospective students and their guests were invited to stay at the new hotel to further enjoy and explore Spartanburg each day after sessions ended. Attendees had an opportunity to visit the Sherman College campus for a tour and a palpation session, and they also enjoyed a trip to downtown Greenville’s Falls Park. View photos from the event.
Showcase Sherman Weekend is an event for prospective students to explore chiropractic and Sherman College and is designed to ignite students’ passion for leadership as well as help them begin their pursuit of becoming the next generation of DCs2B. Check out the Showcase Sherman Weekend page on our website to learn more and make sure you watch and share our video !

Our next Showcase Sherman Weekends for 2018 are scheduled for August 3-4, and November 2-3, and they will be held off campus at the AC Hotel in downtown Spartanburg during the campus expansion. August registration is open, but space is limited. Spread the word and send the next generation of chiropractors to visit during this exciting time in Sherman College’s history.
'Take What You Need’
Banner Encourages Students
Juggling the demands of classes and a private life can leave students drained. Realizing that very real threat to student success led to the creation of mental health awareness activities on campus that are designed to reduce students’ stress and help them relax.
Earlier this quarter, the Office of Student Affairs placed a “Take What You Need” banner board in the college’s main classroom hallway. It was covered with sticky notes with inspirational sayings for students to take when having a rough day. The notes were filled with messages like “Courage,” or “Keep Going” or “You Can Do This.”
For the college’s next event on February 23, the Office of Student Affairs will partner with nearby Spartanburg Community College to have massage students come to campus to offer 10-minute neck and shoulder massages to reduce stress and promote relaxation. There will be soft music playing in the background, and after the massages, students will be offered water to promote rehydration. Beginning in July, the college plans to offer two events per quarter, strategically scheduled in conjunction with midterms, finals and national board exams.
Submit Your Work to IRAPS 2018:
Abstracts Due May 1
Sherman College is currently accepting abstracts for its 15th annual International Research and Philosophy Symposium (IRAPS), a peer-reviewed chiropractic conference that addresses vertebral subluxation research and the philosophy of chiropractic. Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2018.
Abstracts are to take the form of short papers having approximately 300 words; references are expected. Each submission undergoes a peer-reviewed process. View the full Call for Submissions, and find out more about the symposium.
The goal of IRAPS 2018 is to bring together leaders in philosophy and research, as well as practitioners who are centered on vertebral subluxation practice, to build a stronger academic community worldwide regarding the subluxation model of chiropractic. The conference is scheduled for October 6-7, 2018. Continuing education credit will be available; details will be released after speakers have been selected. Registration opens July 1, 2018. Full details are available on the blog.
Lyceum Early Bird Discount Ends February 28

The February 28 early bird deadline for Lyceum 2018: Constructing the Future is fast approaching. Lyceum is Sherman College’s annual continuing education and homecoming event, and this year’s program will be held May 3-5, 2018, at the Downtown Spartanburg Marriott. Up to 23 hours of CE have been applied for.
Here’s a look at all the presenters and programs on the agenda. HURRY for the early bird special price of $349; it ends February 28. Register now . Regents, check your email or contact the college for your 50% discount code. For questions regarding Lyceum or registration, please email .
Plenary Sessions
  • DR. JEANNE OHM: Chiropractic Today for a Better World Tomorrow
  • DR. EDWIN CORDERO: President's Welcome & State of the College
  • DR. DEAN SOTTILE: Everything You Need to Know about Anything You Need to Know
  • DR. DAVID FLETCHER: Looking Forward by Looking Deeper: A Tactical Approach for Mapping Patient & Practice Success
CE Sessions
  • DR. DAVID MRUZ: SC Rules & Regulations
  • DR. ARMAND ROSSI: Vertebral Subluxation Analysis for Newborns
  • DR. BRUCE STEINBERG: Mental Health Matters (*risk management)
  • DR. SCOTT ROSA: Advanced Dynamic Imaging of Cervical Spine Trauma: Diagnostic and Clinical Implications
  • DR. DEAN DEPICE: Lean, Clean and Green
  • DR. NALYN MARCUS: Women in Chiropractic Jam Session: Building Blocks of Women in Practice
  • DR. DANIEL KNOWLES: Discover Network Spinal Care to Optimize Spinal and Neural Integrity
  • DR. MATT MCCOY: Risk Management for the Subluxation-Centered, Family Wellness Chiropractor (*risk management)
  • DR. JON MURRAY: SOT Technique Integration into the Busy Chiropractic Office
  • DR. CHRISTIE KWON: A Research Agenda for the Future of the Subluxation-Centered Chiropractic Profession
  • DR. TOM KOLARIK: Thompson Technique
  • DR. ROBERT BROOKS: Perspectives on Correcting and Stabilizing the Spinal Subluxation Complex
  • DR. DAVID SMITH: Documentation and Coding for 2018 and Beyond
  • DRS. JAY HOLDER & BRANDON MAHAFFY: Torque Release Technique, the Non-Linear Tonal Model & the Brain Reward Cascade
  • DR. AARON MACARTHUR: Clinical Application in Functional Neurology to Support the Chiropractic Adjustment
  • DR. JASON SABO: T.I.C.: A Tonal Approach to Vertebral Subluxation Detection and Correction
  • DR. MATTHEW RICHARDSON: Diagnostic Imaging in the Busy Chiropractic Practice
  • DR. CURTIS FEDORCHUK: The Epidemiology of Subluxation in the U.S. and the Need for Being an Evidence-Generating Practice
  • DR. PAT KUHTA: The Sherman System of X-Ray Positioning, Thoracic and Lumbopelvic Spine
Philosophy and Practice Management Sessions
  • DR. JAMI KARR: Infinite Principles
  • KEITH WASSUNG: Using Health Research Education for Optimal Patient Compliance
  • ROSE PANICO: Philosophy Power Hour
  • DR. FRED AND SUSAN SCHOFIELD: Leadership Mastery: Practice Success Simplified
  • DEBRA SOUTHARD & JENNIFER MARTINGANO: The Essentials of Team Based Care: Putting the WOW in Your Practice
  • JEN STEINBERG: The Art of Collecting Powerful Testimonials
  • NICOLE COWLEY: Decoding Online Real Estate and the Social Façade
  • DR. JESSICA HARDEN: FLIGHT Rising Strong! Relevant Tactics for Women in Practice Today
CA Program Features
  • DEBRA SOUTHARD & JENNIFER MARTINGANO: The Essentials of Team Based Care: Putting the WOW in Your Practice
  • DR. ROBERT BROOKS: Perspectives on Correcting and Stabilizing the Spinal Subluxation Complex
  • DR. FRED AND SUSAN SCHOFIELD: Leadership Mastery: Practice Success Simplified
  • JEN STEINBERG: The Art of Collecting Powerful Testimonials
  • NICOLE COWLEY: Decoding Online Real Estate and the Social Façade
  • DR. PAT KUHTA: The Sherman System of X-Ray Positioning, Thoracic and Lumbopelvic Spine
Loved Ones Adjusting:
New Club Aims to Help
Student-Family Relationships

A new club on campus looks to help reduce student stresses and improve their family dynamics as they adjust to life in chiropractic college. Professor of Clinical Sciences Bill Fehl, D.C., ’83, says the Loved Ones Adjusting Club aims to “help our students and their loved ones to have a meeting of the minds” to help reduce stress in their relationships.
“We know the curriculum is tough at Sherman College, and that the pressures great that our students go through,” Dr. Fehl said of the club’s purpose. “We also know that as chiropractors, we think differently about health than most others. These phenomena often put a lot of stress on our student s relationships with their loved ones. Our new club helps with this dynamic.”
So far, the club has addressed topics such as chiropractic’s philosophy of health and how it is different from others; freedom to choose the types of health care we want; how differing mindsets can be accepted but may become more polarizing when there are children involved; how to set up a family business; and the time constraints that students face in addition to the need to support their significant others and be supported by them.
Dr. Fehl says he’s received good feedback about the club so far. “What I would like to see come from this is a higher degree of understanding between our students and their significant others,” he said of his goals for the group. “I would like to see them form networks of friends outside of the students. It would be great if these networks turned into support groups that last a lifetime.”
The Loved Ones Adjusting Club meets the third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in Room 4 of the Health Center. The evening time is meant to encourage both students and their loved ones to attend. The next meeting will be Tuesday, February 20, at 7 p.m. For more information, email Dr. Fehl , call 864-578-8770, ext. 282, or stop by his office, HC 15.
Sherman Represented at NBCE Student Leadership Forum

Samuel Feinberg represented Sherman College at the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) 15th Annual Student Leadership Forum January 26-27, 2018. Participants represented nine chiropractic colleges, including three national student organizations, and three winners of the NBCE Essay Scholarship Competition.
During the forum, NBCE staff updated attendees on the science behind the development and administration of written and practical exams, the cost of exams, the importance of valid, reliable, accurate and fair exams, and the psychometrics of the scoring process. During a structured focus group, student leaders were invited to give feedback to the NBCE about their personal experiences with applications, exam administration and security, score reporting and transcript delivery. Students also attended an enrichment program called, “Leadership Starts with You,” highlighting the importance of understanding individual leadership styles and choices.
Headquartered in Greeley, Colo., the NBCE is the international testing organization for the chiropractic profession. Established in 1963, the mission of the NBCE is to ensure professional competency through excellence in testing.
Pictured above, left to right, are NBCE Executive Vice President Dr. Norman Ouzts, Brandon Mason, Aidan Kaye, Jacob Mills, Emily Choate, Damion Stevens, Brittany Schmidt, Ryan Burdick, Jennifer Razey, Samuel Feinberg and NBCE President Dr. Salvatore LaRusso.
Ambassador Spotlight: Andretti
Montalvo of Jayuya, Puerto Rico
Why Chiropractic:
Chiropractic is the profession that really shows us how to care about ourselves by taking care of the spine and correcting the subluxations that are interfering in many ways to the normal functions of the body. I decided to be a chiropractor because I have always believed that beyond the educated mind, exists something that really works inside us, and that’s called innate intelligence.
Favorite thing about Sherman:
The feeling of being part of a family.
Read more about Andretti (scroll down the page a bit) and about Sherman College’s Student Ambassador Program on the website.
Alumni Babies and the
Future of Sherman College

When alumni share birth announcements and baby photos with us, we can't help but get excited for those who might become the next generation of Sherman College students!

Meet Bruce, one of the college’s newest family members. Bruce Alexander Cohen was born on September 18, 2017, to proud parents Joshua Cohen and Stephanie Johnston Cohen, D.C., ’10. The family, including big sister Charley, 5, lives in Sugar Land, TX.

To share your news and photos, contact Director of Public Relations Karen Rhodes at You can also send us your news with this form.
In Memory of Eric Bourg

The Sherman College family has been deeply saddened by the loss of chiropractic student Eric Bourg. Eric was a sixth quarter student at Sherman; he joined the college community in October 2016, though his connection began much earlier. His parents, Dr. James Bourg and Dr. Monica Kemp, are alumni and supporters of the college. Eric was known among friends for being “the most kind-hearted, gentle soul around.” Read more .
Did You Know? Sweetheart's Day
at the Chiropractic Health Center
The Sherman College Chiropractic Health Center had 215 patient visits on Valentine’s Day this year. This is known as Sweetheart’s Day at the Health Center since current patients receive a free visit on this day of appreciation. The Health Center offered a "how many candies in the jar?" guessing game and also had a platter of heart-shaped cookies on hand for patients. The average number of patients seen ea ch day at the Health Center is 150. For Valentine's Day, the Health Center also participated in an Oklahaven fundraising campaign.
Toastmasters International
Returns to Sherman Campus

Toastmasters International is now hosting local club meetings on the Sherman College campus every first and third Wednesday of the month. This club offers an opportunity to build confident public speakers and strong leaders in the community. Participants find a supportive learn-by-doing environment that allows them to achieve goals at their own pace. For more information about Toastmasters, visit their website. The next meeting will be held on February 21 at 5 p.m. in Scallon Room 38.
Health Center Names Intern of the Month
The Health Center faculty recognizes interns each month who excel in clinical performance, patient management, professionalism, and analytical and adjust ing technique. The January 2018 Intern of the Month i s Spencer Lewandowski of Mattawan, MI. Spencer graduates in June 2018 and plans to open a practice in Mattawan with his wife, Jennifer, who also graduates in June.
Regent Program: Thanks to Sherman's Newest Supporters
Sherman College thanks the following individual who joined the Board of Regents during the last month:

Ne w Rege nts
  • T. Peter Tague, D.C. (Maple Glen, PA)
  • Ohmar Land, D.M. (Spartanburg, SC)

Members of the Sherman College Board of Regents support the college with annual gifts of $1,000 or more. Join the Board of Regents and become a partner with the college, directly impacting campus enhancements and a student recruitment program to grow the profession.
Monday evenings, 9 pm Eastern Time; call 641-715-3650, access code: 577840#.

  • 02/26/18   Jen Steinberg, CCCA
  • 03/05/18   Keith Wassung

Upcoming Co-Sponsored CE Seminars & Workshops
Don’t procrastinate when it comes to your license renewal! Further your knowledge of basic sciences, clinical arts, case management, philosophy and research. Guided by the institutional objectives, the college offers programs and workshops for the purpose of license renewal in most states. These continuing education chiropractic courses are conducted by Sherman College faculty, well-respected chiropractors and extension faculty. 
We Appreciate Our Corporate Regent Sponsor
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