Shifting Sands   
The quarterly newsletter of 
Porto 104 and Porto Charities, Inc.
July - September 2016
Grand Commander's Message
Bill Mundy

I always think that summer is a perfect time to relax and re-charge. There is nothing better than to have the time to simply enjoy the warm and long days of the season. Unfortunately, this has not been an easy summer so far.  Continue reading.  
Porto Derby -- May 14th

The annual Porto Derby took place on May 14th and everyone enjoyed each others' company, the food, and most of all the races! All the horses and ponies were ready to run fast and so they did. Each of them was a winner and we are all looking forward to next year's race. 
PCI President's Message
Leo Alonso

Our founders over 55 years ago saw the difficulties experienced by those with intellectual disabilities and their families. They created opportunities for camaraderie, education and housing with their optimistic attitude.  Continue reading.  
Golf Outing -- October 7th

Once again, the golf outing is just around the corner. Every year people enjoy the friendly competition (or maybe not so friendly?), make new friends, and play golf for an excellent cause. Please join the group again or for the first time. Click here to register   and click  here to see the flyer .  
Fr. Dill's Spiritual  Message

Heat, humidity, politics, and violence. Those seem to be the defining elements of our current summer.   Continue reading .
Greetings from the Hammekes

Here's a quick update from the Hammekes who, a couple of years ago, moved to Charlotte, NC. They all seem to be doing well! Read more here
Upcoming social events

Please mark your calendars for two important social events for PCI/Porto.
  • First is Oktoberfest on September 17th. It'll be held at OLGC DeSales Hall. We will be sending an Evite in August for you to sign up.
  • Second, on Sunday October 2nd, Bishop Loverde will hold mass to honor Disabilities Awareness month. More information will come in a SandStorm as the date approaches.
We look forward to seeing everyone at those events.
S.O. Plane Pull

To Area 26 Athletes, Coaches, Parents, Guardians, Volunteers, and Sponsors -
On Saturday September 17, 2016, over 50,000 people will attend the Dulles Plane Pull event.  Area 26 will play a major roll in this event by having two teams.  One team is the Inaugural Plane Pull where SO athletes begin the day.  There will also be a second competitive team, entering in the competition.  Both of the Plane Pull Teams will demonstrate that Area 26 Athletes are strong, determined and dedicated to being the best they can be in all they do as Special Olympic Athletes.
      Last year's time for the Inaugural Team (made up of all Athletes) placed them in the middle of the 100 teams that competed.  This year, we hope to place even stronger.
      To make this happen, we need everyone to help.  You can do this in two ways:  raise funds AND volunteer to be part of the Pull Teams.  Area 26 needs Athletes, Coaches and Volunteers from all its sports.  Area 26 has Soccer, Gymnastics, Bocce, Weightlifting, Tennis, Bowling, Swimming, Golf, Cheerleading, Track and Field, Basketball, Cross Country and Down Hill Skiing, Sailing and many other sports and ALL these sports need to be represented at the Plane Pull.
      Area 26 needs everyone to help in this fundraising event by registering at website under team 26 SOVA .  When you register please put the sport and team name you participate in the column requesting your middle name.  For example:  Susan Bocce/Eagles Smith. 
      75% of the dollars collected for Area 26 will come back to the area to help purchase equipment, uniforms and field time.   
      In addition, all athletes who would like to be part of the Area 26 Inaugural or the Competitive Pull Team MUST e-mail Plane Pull Coach Matt Wheeler at .
      Family and friends are welcome to attend this event and participate by cheering on the Area 26 Plane Pull teams. This event is free and open to everyone.  You will see and talk with our area police departments, plane and car clubs and participate in other activities that are happening throughout the day.  It is an amazing event for all ages.  Go to for more information.
      Help Area 26 by fundraising, participating and cheering on all the Plane Pull teams. 
      Thank you and look forward to seeing everyone at 2016 Dulles Plane Pull event.
Plane Pull Coach,
Matt Wheeler
2015-16 Porto/PCI Calendar
Porto and PCI Board Meetings are all held at  OLGC DeSales Lower Hall  in Church Lobby
 All members are welcome at Board meetings.
All social functions are highlighted in red.

Thursday, September 8 -   P orto/PCI Boards Meeting, 7 - 9 PM
Saturday, September 17 - Oktoberfest (DeSales Hall)
Friday, October 7 - PCI Golf Outing
Sunday, October 2 - Bishop's Disabilities Awareness Mass, St. Thomas More Cathedral
Thursday, November 10 - Porto/PCI Boards Meeting, 7 - 9 PM
Saturday, December 17 - Holiday Party (DeSales Hall)

Porto/PCI set up an 
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Grand Divan 2015-16

Porto Caravan no. 104
Rev. Edwin Dill, S.T.
Bill Mundy
Grand Commander
John Reidt
Vice Grand Commander/ Grand Chamberlain
Chris Wnuk
Grand Scribe
Leo Alonso
Past Grand Commander
Bill Hingston
Master of the Oasis
Patrick Cross
Scribe of the Exchequer
Tom Britton
Master of the Wardrobe
Tom Ryan
Captain of the Bodyguard
William Hingston III
Sentinel of the Tower
Tommy Miossi
Sentinel of the Desert
Bill Dalgetty
Grand Advocate

Porto Charities, Inc.
Leo Alonso
Patrick Cross
Vice President
Charlie Sullivan
Mike Eisenberg
Bill Mundy
Grand Commander and Director
Sara Adkins-Blanch
Shifting Sands Editor

Contact information
Porto Caravan no. 104/ Porto Charities
P.O. Box 7266
Arlington, VA 22207
Tel. 703-626-2051

Please consider volunteering or getting involved in activities of the organization. Your help is wanted and greatly appreciated!

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