Buying a
new lipstick
is FUN!

Diego Dalla Palma 
Shiny Lipsticks
  are a combination of Lipstick and  Lip Gloss.
Ideal for dry lips!

#141 - Cherry

#142 Deep Pink

#143 - Coral Reef

#147 - Pink

#148 - Brick

#150 - Dark Mauve

The Shiny Lipsticks 
are creamy, soft and moisturizing. They have a smooth application and are not sticky. $34.00

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And for dry skin, there's nothing like the Ahava Dermud products!

  Dermud products are for the driest skin.
Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil seal in moisture to result in extremely
soft skin.

Dermud Hand Cream $30.00

Dermud Body Cream $35.00

Dermud Foot Cream $28.00

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For Immune Support and Sickness use the 
On Guard products! 

On Guard Oil

On Guard Whitening Toothpaste $12.00

Use doTerra On Guard products and don't let this be you!

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about all of the doTerra Oils.

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