• Shoei RF-1200 Marquez Black Ant helmets just reduced in price! In stock in our Texas warehouse, ready to ship!

  • Shoei Transitions shields fit more than just RF-1200s!

  • Shoei RF-SR helmets just added to our LidPicker database; some sizes available now, check out the video below! 
We have these sharp helmets in stock and ready to ship.  Available in Medium, Large or XL.  This helmet comes with a Pinlock ready shield and a clear insert is included.  Also in the box are a breath guard and chin curtain!
The Transitions Photochromic shield from Shoei works on RF-1200, RF-SR and X-14 helmets.  If you ride in changing light conditions, do yourself a favor and get one of these.  It'll make your life a whole lot simpler; no need to carry extra shields anymore.
We just got in an assortment of sizes in the RF-SR and were sure impressed with this new sport touring helmet.  Lots of great color choices; you get the usual Black, White and Matte Black, but take a look at the sharp Matte Blue, Basalt Grey and Tangerine colors pictured here.  

Order your LidPicker kit now so you'll be ready.   Many sizes of the helmet are in stock, with the rest expected in the next few weeks.    Take a look at the features video below.  
New Product Reviews!
Another fantastic jacket and pant combo from Klim crossed our desk this week!
Klim’s Carlsbad jacket is very similar in the feature list as their premium street jacket, the Latitude jacket. The Latitude has a few features that are geared more toward street riding where this jacket’s overall cut and feature list favor the adventure/off road rider.  The overall cut and fit is a bit more “free”.... the torso doesn’t taper much and the overall length is just a bit shorter than the traditional 3/4 style. Riding off road requires a bit more physicality and you’ll appreciate not being constricted in your movements. Also, the overall “heft” of this jacket is just a bit less than with the Latitude. Don’t get me wrong, the construction and the feel of the materials is VERY robust, but there are some thinner “rip stop” materials used which lowers the weight a bit.  There are PLENTY of pockets for storing all your stuff and the four big pockets in front are all waterproof too.  This won’t be your favorite summer jacket, but the venting will help move some air through and it will function well for all but the hottest days. ........ (more)
Klim’s Carlsbad pants share most of the features found on their other pants. The styling is made to match the Carlsbad jacket for the complete outfit for off road/adventure riding. These pants are plenty sturdy enough with exceptionally strong feeling materials… particularly the rip-stop materials, but the pants are just a bit lighter weight than other models such as the Latitude. The pants are a solid textile shell that is waterproofed with the best… Gore-Tex, and are guaranteed to keep you dry. They do have some large zip vents on the side of each thigh and exhaust vents in the rear. These close with waterproof zippers, and when open, will admit air directly through the thigh area, which should give some comfort in warm weather.  These pants also have a couple handy waterproof thigh pockets to store your stuff. Although these pants will make the perfect outfit along with the Carlsbad jacket, they’d work well with any jacket you may own. You could even get the Klim suspenders in lieu of zipping to the Klim jackets. Very nice, high quality pants!......... (more)
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