Did you know we carry a full range of disposable food service supplies?

Dart Foam Hinged Lid Containers are perfect for your take out needs.

  • We have a size to fit whatever you are serving
  • Secure closure to prevent accidental openings
  • Insulated for transporting hot or cold items
Colker is your one stop shop for all the paper products you need for fish frys, holiday meals, family reunions or weddings.
  • Plastic and Styrofoam Plates
  • Plastic and Styrofoam Bowls
  • Styrofoam Cups and Lids
  • Plastic Cups and Lids
  • Souffle Cups and Lids
  • Medium and Heavy Weight Utensils
  • Napkins
  • Foil Pans and Lids
  • Chaffing Dish Fuel
  • Rolls of Aluminum Foil and Plastic Wrap
  • Roaster and Crockpot Liners
  • Take Out Bags

We also carry a large variety of dish washing, sanitizing and cleaning supplies.
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