May 6, 2014
CAM Logic, Inc.'s Monumental 3D Scan

Oxford, MI - May 6, 2014 - Update: due to weather restrictions last Friday, CAM Logic's monumental scan of the Spirit of Detroit statue will take place on Thursday May 8, 2014 from 10:00am - 3:00pm. Stop by and see the scan live!


CAM Logic is scanning the statue, located in front of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building, for the purpose of creating scaled models using 3D printing. These one-of-a-kind miniature statues will be given out to guests who visit CAM Logic's exhibit at the RAPID Expo, part of SME's The BIG M Event. The event takes place June 9 - 12 at COBO Center in downtown Detroit. 


The Rapid Expo is a great place to see an array of 3D Printing Technologies, 3D Scanners and Software, however it's a challenge to see how the different technologies and tools plug in together. It is for that reason that CAM Logic will be demonstrating these technologies together, under one roof with an incredible team that can put all the pieces together. Our goal in preparation for this event is  to do a project that utilizes all technologies [3D Scanners, Reverse Engineering Software, and 3D Printers], and what better way than to digitally archive a piece of Detroit and then 3D print for the show." said Ian Scribner, 3D Printing and 3D Scanning Manager. Be sure to visit our booth #1609 at the RAPID Expo to get your piece of Detroit.   


How will they do that?

A laser scanner will be used to create a digital model without having to touch the statue. The scanner is composed of two pieces of equipment - the tracker and the scanner. In order to scan the Spirit of Detroit, CAM Logic will place the tracker at different locations around the spirit of Detroit. The tracker, which detects where the laser scanner is located, "spray paints" the Spirit with the laser scanner until the Spirit's image is captured in its entirety. Total estimated time of the process, from start to finish, is approximately 5 to 6 hours.


"CAM Logic is excited about this opportunity to debut two emerging technologies, 3D printing and 3D scanning, and the advancements in this technology. It's exciting that technology is at a point where we can scan and reverse engineer something as large as the Spirit of Detroit and have printed replicas within a couple of days. This technology is at the forefront of changing "just-in-time" manufacturing, and we are thrilled to be a part of it!" said Scribner.   

Since there are currently no scaled models/figurines of the Spirit of Detroit, CAM Logic is excited to utilize their cutting-edge technology and expertise to provide the 
first ever digital archive and 3D model of the iconic landmark.

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SME's THE BIG M initiative is years in the making - designed to convene manufacturers around industry's most vital issues and leverage the power of industry leaders to collaborate and address them. This event demonstrates that manufacturing professionals and companies can shape the future by creating a strong path forward together, connecting people with technology and expertise, affirming the importance of manufacturing, speaking in a unified voice to policymakers, and proving that manufacturing is a knowledge industry where creativity is sought and valued.


Highlights will include Innovation Factories featuring live presentations of the latest technologies; exhibit floor "tech talks" and Q&A sessions with industry experts who will provide the knowledge and insight manufacturers need most. Featured technologies include smart manufacturing, modeling and simulation, digital manufacturing, advanced materials and lightweighting, cybersecurity and more. THE BIG M is the umbrella pulling together several co-located events including: SME's RAPID Conference & Exposition, the North American Manufacturing Research Conference, the ISA Cybersecurity Conference the MMTC Proud to Manufacture in Michigan Conference, the Great Lakes Manufacturing Council Manufacturing Forum, and the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership 2.0 National Meeting.


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