Shrink Wrap for Syria Project

Alison McKellar has been working with "NuDay Syria" which is an organization out of New Hampshire that helps with Syrian relief efforts.  Alison has taken it upon herself within the last 3-4 years to collect donations for Syrian refugees at her home in Maine.  The items include clothing, food, and medical supplies, in addition to used shrink wrap and partial/end rolls.  The donations are put in a 40' container and shipped to Syria where the project activists collect the items for the refugees.  Dr. Shrink has donated materials in this effort and we are now hoping our shrink wrap customers will do the same.


Alison states, "I've had some good success getting shrink wrap contractors to donate the ends of their rolls to the project. In Syria,
Alison McKellar and NuDay Syria
Alison McKellar and NuDay Syria
they've been  using these rolls for everything from shelters to wall liners for field hospital operating rooms. Getting the ends of rolls makes it a lot easier to ship and less labor intensive for me, and I'm hoping to track down other companies and individuals willing to donate them."
Please take less than 10 minutes of your day to watch this video on the effort.  How shrink wrap is being donated and used is mentioned at the 2.5 minute mark. 
These photos show how Syrian refugees have used donated shrink wrap to create test shelters in an area of northern Syria close to the Turkish border. This is the site where they're working to create a new camp for internally displaced people.
If you look at the shelters currently being made by refugees, it's easy to see how even the used shrink wrap can be of great use when there are no other options.
Dr. Shrink is asking shrink wrapping customers with any remaining end rolls of shrink wrap to consider donating them.  Used shrink wrap covers can be donated as long as the cover has been carefully removed and/or stored, and is not holey, dirty, and hard to handle. 

You can s end your leftover shrink wrap rolls directly to NuDay Syria's offices:

NuDay Syria

14 Ellyson Ave,

East Hampstead, NH 03826


NuDay Syria is a registered 501(c)3 and the shipping cost associated with sending your rolls is fully tax deductible. If you live in the New England area, it may also be possible to arrange for the rolls to be picked up.  Alison can be contacted at (386) 956-1530 or for more information.

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