New location!
March 14-15, 2017
Durham, NC
Doors, Thresholds, and Thoughtful Jewish Living  is the theme of the 2017 Sicha Rabbinic Kallah. The door, a richly important element in Jewish religious imagination, presides over comings and goings, as well as over transitions. It is precisely at the place where in and out are hinged that rabbis should be most thoughtful.

We will bring classical and contemporary sources into conversation with our own rabbinic experiences, creating an environment in which text and experience are mutually illuminating. 

Throughout our learning, prayer, and social gatherings, we will pay special attention to doors and thresholds of mind and spirit and to the inner openings towards soul within and the outer openings towards community.
Join the Conversation
The ancient sage, Rabbi Eleazar HaKappar, and the modern poet, Rivka Miriam, both ask: What Torah can I learn from the door? How can I animate the door's best features as I open to others and to myself? Here are the thoughts of the sage and poet. Join the conversation with these and other fellow travelers!
Rabbi Steve Sager
is the madrikh of the kallah. He is  the founder of Sicha,
an organization that seeks to strengthen Jewish creativity and imagination through conversations between classical
 Jewish texts  and personal life experiences . He is the Rabbi Emeritus of Beth El Synagogue in Durham, NC, and serves on the faculty of the Duke Divinity School .   Read more.    
Registration Information
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  • Dates: March 14-15, 2017
  • Place: Durham, North Carolina
  • Cost$120 (commuters), $300 (with hotel). Fee includes kosher or vegetarian meals (kosher by ingredients) and program
  • Deposit:  Register with a 
    $50 deposit
  • Questions? Contact Rabbi Sager at or 919-475-1056.
Doors, Thresholds,
Thoughtful Jewish Living
Two full days including lunch, dinner, materials
without hotel

with hotel

Join us in Durham, NC!

We have relocated the 2017 Sicha Rabbinic Kallah to Durham, NC! We will miss the beach, but our new location will serve our learning and our numbers in positive ways!

We will benefit from the expertise of area scholars in Bible and in pastoral care to deepen and widen our thougths about "doors," "thresholds," and "transitions."

We will benefit from greater numbers as many colleagues will be able to commute from home.  
A generous gift has helped to keep registration costs below the initially advertised costs. Rooms are being held at the Hampton Inn and Suites if you wish to stay overnight. 

Lunch and dinner will be provided each day. Please join us for an optional welcome dinner on Monday, March 13.

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