October 2017
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Candidates say yes to sidewalk policy reform!
Matching Gift Challenge: Pull sidewalk spending out of the shadows!
Walktober: Enjoy new places to walk and new people to walk with!
ng Mayoral candidates say yes to sidewalk policy reform!
Good news! At the Atlanta on the Move forum last month, all but one of the 13 candidates pledged to support legislation that reforms Atlanta's sidewalk policy.  
Mayoral candidatse at forum 2017
We're thrilled that candidates support using tax dollars to pay for sidewalk repairs, the same way Atlanta does for potholes and street resurfacing. 

Now for the bad news: City officials have backed off on their promise to repair broken  
sidewalks on  streets that are resurfaced as part of the Renew Atlanta program.  
Broken sidewalk on Edgewood adjacent to resurfaced street

Edgewood Avenue, for example, now has streetcars,   bicycle lanes and smooth pavement for people driving cars. 

In contrast, sidewalks remain severely broken. Public Works responded to our pushback by agreeing to make repairs that ensure at least 36" of clear space. So far, no commitment to eliminating tripping hazards or increasing safety for people with visual impairments. 

We have requested a meeting with the Renew Atlanta Program Manager and will keep you posted on our progress.
Matching Gift Challenge: Pull sidewalk spending out of the shadows!
The City of Atlanta's blatant lack of transparency on sidewalk issues has been a major barrier to policy reform and increased funding.  Fortunately, this is changing. 

We had to wait over four months, but Public Works finally sent some of the information about sidewalk repairs we requested  at a City Council committee meeting and via a formal Open Records Request.

We're thrilled to receive records, but have much more to do.

A quick data scan raises significant questions, and the spreadsheets we received need
Who is Public Works trying to fool?    
Granite curbs are not sidewalks.
further analysis.

The sidewalk project lists, for example, are loaded with driveway aprons and granite curbs, even on streets that lack sidewalks.

Your help will allow us to dig into this and hold the city accountable for fixing broken sidewalks.  

A generous donor pledged to match all contributions - dollar for dollar - up to $2,500, but only until October 31. Take advantage of the Matching Gift Challenge and double your impact.

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We've known for years that Atlanta's sidewalk program is ineffective and underfunded. Your support will enable us to provide the numbers and maps that prove it.

WALKtober: Enjoy new places to walk and new people to walk with!
2017 WALKtober kickoff - Grant Park
Many thanks to longtime Grant Park resident Glenn Kurtz for helping kick off WALKtober with a fun tour of the neighborhood and Eventide.

Lace up your walking shoes! 
The WALKtober calendar is packed with fun events.

Keep an eye on the calendar for new events and details about each.

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Pull sidewalk spending out of the shadows!