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Message from the Chair
Summer is almost here!  So its time to lace up those hiking boots, stretch your legs and get outdoors!  

To get you in the mood, this month's newsletter has some great events to get you in the mood, here are two of the highlights:
We are looking for volunteers for the Sierra Club mixer on June 24th.  This fun event is focused on protecting our national monuments.  Please send an email to and let me know if you can help out!

See you out on the trail!


David Haake
Chair, West Los Angeles Group 
On the Bright Side

What's making us smile this month? Governor Brown's proposed revisions to the California's state budget include increased funding for state park maintenance, water conservation, and mitigation of pot farming impacts.  While this budget still needs to pass the legislature, we're digging this declaration of priorities by the Governor.

To read more about the proposed revision, continue reading here.

America's Rivers are Flowing Freely Again

A good motto when determining environmental policy is when in doubt, nature knows best.  For the first time in a long time, America's approach towards river management is reflecting that.  All over the nation, rivers and streams are increasingly being allowed to flow naturally, with less impediment from dams.  Though we won't be saying goodbye to every dam in the country (don't worry Hoover Dam enthusiasts) scientists are enjoying the opportunity to study unencumbered rivers like the Rogue River at an increasing rate.

You can read more about America's liberated rivers here.
Adventure with the Sierra Club!

The Sierra Club is always getting involved in fun activities in Los Angeles, California, the US, and the world.  Take a look at just a couple of examples...

Wonders of Oregon Trip (7/16/17-7/23/17)
Make a Difference

The arrival of June means the official start of Summer.  Summer to most Angelenos means evening hikes, summer produce at farmer's markets means long days spent at the beach.  Why not turn some of these beach days into an opportunity to give back?

Beaches are a landing ground for tons of plastic trash that either just was, or soon will be, in the ocean.  Plastic trash in our oceans is deadly for our favorite aquatic wildlife and the entire oceanic ecosystem.  Next time you're at the beach, start or end your trip by picking up a handful, (or trash bag's worth) of trash and protect our oceans.   Or join an organized beach clean up. 

If you do, be sure to share a picture of what you  cleaned up on our Facebook !
Get Rid of Your Old Car and Give Back

Do you have an old, polluting car that you don't need?  Let us take it off of your hand for you!  We do all of the work, including towing, fixing it up, and selling it.  You even get to deduct it from your taxes as a charitable donation, and we will take any kind of vehicle, even if it doesn't run.

To learn more, and fill out the donation form, visit the Sierra Club Foundation .