It's time for this community to make good on our promises to provide supportive community housing for those people in our town who are still without a place to call their own.  There is much talk about the fire danger those living in the parks, woods and under the bridges present to this community.  We are all aware of the unsightly camps and the unhealthy living conditions right here in Grass Valley and Nevada City caused by some inconsiderate and illegal campers. This is a "third world country" situation right here in our community that needs to be addressed. 
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This article appeared on KFBK NewsRadio, posted July 1, 2016, by Joe Michaels:
Officials in Yuba County are taking an innovative approach to a growing homeless issue in the Marysville-Yuba City area. Homeless problems have been on the rise in the Yuba-Sutter region in recent years.  In March, the Yuba County Health Officer declared a health emergency relating to mounting piles of debris and sewage.  In an effort to counteract the issue, county officials are now launching the "14 Forward" project - a group of 20 small buildings to shelter the homeless while they work to gain permanent housing.   Read More:


Kathleen joins our wonderful volunteer team to provide delicious desserts on alternate Thursdays, along with Kathy Waldron. Not just one, but TWO "dessert queens" now!

Kathleen has volunteered at Hospitality House since its inception, over ten years ago. She loves working with people, and has a special interest in helping those with addictions.  

Kathleen stepped up to work at our Cold Weather Shelter last winter. She loves the little house idea, because it will provide the critical space of privacy and self-esteem to those who have so little. 

Sierra Roots leaders will be meeting with Behavioral Health team to plan this facility, which will offer both rehabilitation and mental health services for our homeless community. The article below appeared in The Union on June 24th, 2016:
"The Bost House, used as a residential drug treatment facility by Nevada County, will undergo renovations over the next several months before its anticipated 2017 reopening. County officials also have opted to open the search for a service provider for the Bost House, and will issue Requests for Proposals for interested parties.Read More:


Sierra Roots is networking with other communities who are developing the village model. Clearly, this is an idea whose time has come:

The village will be a model for sustainability and civic participation, with the smallest carbon footprint possible. As with an old-fashioned barn raising, building the village will promote interaction, cooperation, and a better understanding between our previously homeless villagers and local community residents as they come together to work. Previously held stereotypes will be reduced by this common effort: experience breeds understanding. 

Here is a major endorsement from their Sheriff:

"As the Sheriff-Coroner of San Luis Obispo I see the need to not only help get the homeless off the street but also put in a program that helps them become self sufficient. Hope's Village appears to accomplish both of these goals. Even though San Luis Obispo County maintains a homeless shelter it is obvious this doesn't always accomplish our goals of getting people off the street and being self sufficient. It is not always possible to meet our goals with one program and we need different approaches to accomplish our goals. Hope's Village will help meet those goals."
                   Ian S. Parkinson, Sheriff-Coroner
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On the second Thursday of each month, Sierra Roots welcomes volunteers and interested parties to attend our planning and informational meetings. 

The next meeting is on July 14th, at 1 PM. Location is the First United Methodist Church at the top of Broad Street in Nevada City.
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