With winter giving us a foretaste this week, we know we need to be prepared to assist  those of our people who have no shelter or home out of the elements, and no place to  sleep peacefully, safe and warm. While Sierra Roots is working with dedication and  serious intention to secure a safe place for our homeless people to live, we are also  preparing to be ready for the Cold Weather Shelter as we opened for nine nights last  winter when it was below freezing.

Now that Divine Spark will have the Streicher House open during the weekdays, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., people can come in out of the rain and cold during those days for shelter, food, warmth, showers and clean clothes. This will be a great help for our homeless people. But after the day center closes, where will they go during the cold and/or wet nights? This continues to be our very critical dilemma. We want to be ready to assist these people in any way we can to stay warm and dry. Here is a list of things we will need for the winter until such time that we can find a place of safety and security for them to live.

We will need:
Lots of warm socks
Large tarps - dark brown, grey or camouflage
Warm sleeping bags
Winter jackets and thermal underwear
Gloves and Hand warmers
Winter boots

Big 5 often has sales on these items and anything you can share with these very needy  people is so appreciated. Things can be dropped off at "What's Up Coffee?" coffee shop  on East Main Street, or at Janice O'Brien's home off Cement Hill in Nevada City.  We will need volunteers to help with the Cold Weather Shelter again this year. Anyone  who would like to help us when we open again for the very cold nights, please let us  know. Call Janice at 265-5403 or Sierra Roots at 264-5113.

Sierra Roots has just located a piece of land that would work perfectly for setting up a  Supportive Community House Village, and we are asking you to help  us finance this project. While we will be doing big fund raising to help us set this Village  up, any amount you wish to give us now, designated as money for the Village, would  help us secure it. Go to our website to donate whatever amount you can. Thank you so much.

Sierra Roots has received a donation of a portable shower truck from Keith Cantrell, our Vice-President! We will be able to use this right away on our land for the supportive housing community that is coming!


On Friday, September 30, a group of Sierra Roots' board members and volunteers visited the Home Show at the Auburn Fairgrounds for the Tiny House display. Interest in Tiny House living was evident by the size of the crowds attending. We met several local building companies, and attended a seminar by NOAH, the National Organization of Alternative Housing, Inc., which provides inspection and certification services to builders of tiny houses.


September 10 was a wonderful event for Sierra Roots, having a time to honor our volunteers who are so precious to the work of our organization. Danita Sorenson hosted our event at her lovely home. Kelly Fleming treated us to his sweet guitar music. Each volunteer was presented with a badge to wear at our events and lunches.



Sierra Roots  will be represented at the LOVE Volunteer Fair on October 9 from noon to 4PM. It takes place at the LOVE building in Condon Park, Grass Valley. (see map above).

There will be more than 30 nonprofits tabling and offering ways to get involved in the good work going on all over our beautiful community. Please stop by our table to chat and get more information about our project in process. Food trucks and music available. 

Admission is free to this public event.

On October 13, 2016, a group from Nevada County will visit the COTS program in Sonoma County, with City Council, County Supervisor, Continuum  of Care for the Homeless staff and non-profit groups represented. 

COTS (Committee of the Shelterless), offers help and hope to homeless persons in Sonoma County by providing safe shelter and housing, helping people develop steady incomes and helping them get back under a roof of their own. 

For information about COTS:


Next Monthly Volunteer Meeting  Thursday,  
October 13 , 2016
First Methodist Church ~ 433 Broad Street, Nevada City

Our monthly meetings are intended for those who are just becoming acquainted with Sierra Roots and want to learn more about the various volunteer opportunities and for those already involved to keep you all up to date, informed and involved in discussion and planning.

Not everyone  is aware of the many ways Sierra Roots engages and builds community with our homeless friends while we continue to look for land for our Village.  We'll talk about some of the lesser known volunteer opportunities at this meeting also.

Special Request from all current volunteers:   In  order to update our records, we need current mailing addresses.   This can be provided at the meeting, or, if you cannot attend, please forward the information to Danita Sorenson , Volunteer Coordinator at:

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