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      Today's highly successful entrepreneurs know how important it is to keep abreast of what is happening in the business world.  They read general business publications, such as Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc., Fortune, and Forbes magazines. They attend conferences in their own industries, professions or in specific functional areas, such as IT, marketing, or finance.  When looking for new ideas, they might attend a conference or trade show in a completely different field to gain new perspectives and ideas.  


       Of course, searches on the Internet are a common method of gathering information about the marketplace, consumers, the economy, and opportunities.  One outstanding way to maintain currency on a topic is to make use of the "Google Alerts" function, which is an outstanding service that is free to the user!  Simply enter your key word or words on a topic, company or brand in which you are interested, and you will receive regular emails with links to articles and websites that contain your key words.  "Google Alerts" is particularly useful for finding out what is being said about your company or brands or to conduct research on your competitors.  


One of the newest features in our newsletter -- What's Appin'ing? -- is a monthly review of  interesting new apps that are available.


Sigma Nu Tau is growing with approximately 920 members to date!  Interested in Starting a Sigma Nu Tau Chapter at your school?


    We are pleased to welcome the newest chapters of Sigma Nu Tau at York College of Pennsylvania and University of Iowa, which brings the Sigma Nu Tau family up to 19 chapters!  Would your university like to be the first in your state or region to establish a Sigma Nu Tau chapter on your campus?  You will gain a competitive advantage by being able to offer special programs and awards to your students!

     If you would like to establish a chapter at your university so that you can recognize outstanding students, faculty members, entrepreneurs, and honorary members, please visit our website ( to learn more about the process. Or give me a call to discuss it!
    Wishing you all well as we ease into fall! 
Nancy J. Church
Nancy J. Church, Ph.D.
President and Executive Director
Sigma Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Honor Society
P.S.  Does your school have any news that you would like us to include in our e-newsletter?  If so, please send it to me at or post it on the Sigma Nu Tau Facebook page!
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Sigma Nu Tau Welcomes Two New Chapters:
York College of Pennsylvania
University of Iowa
York College of Pennsylvania:  1st Sigma Nu Tau Chapter Chartered in Pennsylvania
On April 10, 2105, York College of Pennsylvania was the first school in Pennsylvania and the 18th school nationwide to receive its Sigma Nu Tau charter.   Dr. Jay Azriel initiated the charter petition process and serves as the faculty advisor to the school's chapter.   Four students were inducted as charter members at the charter presentation ceremony.  Dr. James Csipak, National Sigma Nu Tau Secretary, performed the charter presentation and induction ceremony.
In addition to its entrepreneurship major, York College of Pennsylvania houses the J.D. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship, a Council of Entrepreneurs, a Business Incubator, and they host an Elevator Pitch Competition.
   Members and supporters of the newly chartered Sigma Nu Tau chapter at York 
  College of Pennsylvania - April 10 2015.
University of Iowa:  1st Sigma Nu Tau Chapter in Iowa

On April 24, 2015, the University of Iowa in Iowa City was the 1st Sigma Nu Tau Chapter to be chartered in Iowa and the 19th Sigma Nu Tau chapter in the U.S.  In all, 21 students and 2 faculty members were inducted at a ceremony held in the Pappajohn Business Building.  Dr. Bob Walker was the driving force behind the establishment of a Sigma Nu Tau chapter.  Dr. Nancy J. Church, President and Executive Director of Sigma Nu Tau, presented the charter to Dr. Bob Walker, faculty advisor, and Mr. David Hensley, faculty secretary, and she also performed the charter member induction ceremony.

Over the last 19 years, the number of undergraduate entrepreneurship majors at University of Iowa has grown from 344 to 1800  The University of Iowa was recognized as a National Model Entrepreneurship Program by USASBE.  Program offerings include an entrepreneurial club, business plan competitions, mentors, guest speakers such as Daymond John of Shark Tank fame, and a business consulting program.

University of Iowa charter member induction ceremony - April 24, 2015 

We are very pleased to have these fine universities join the Sigma Nu tau family!
Current Entrepreneurship Articles of Interest
"How a College Startup Scored One of the Biggest Wins in 'Shark Tank' History"
Two NYU business grads, who had participated in their school's Entrepreneur Challenge in 2012, found themselves pitching their idea for their Smart Vent  on 'Shark Tank' in 2014.  The Smart Vent allows users to control the temperature in their homes wirelessly, which helps them save on their energy bills. Shark Robert Herjavec negotiated with the entrepreneurs and received 13% equity in their business in exchange for $750,000 in funding.  This was the 7th largest company evaluation in the popular TV show's history.

Winfrey, Graham. "How a College Startup Scored One of the Biggest Wins in 'Shark Tank' History"  February 23, 2015.
Amy Poehler - Comedy Entrepreneur

Amy Poehler's career in comedy ranges from live comedy, live and cable TV, feature films, animated films, and a best-selling memoir. Regarding her start in comedy improv, she offered the following advice, "It all goes back to improv, you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

Svetkey, Benjamin. "For Making Comedy Grow" Fast Company
. June. 2015, pages 56-62.  
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Mission of Sigma Nu Tau:


"To promote, recognize, honor, and reward academic excellence in entrepreneurship and to encourage and recognize the practice of principled entrepreneurship"
4 Types of Membership: 







Sigma Nu Tau Chapters



 #1 - SUNY Plattsburgh

Founding Chapter



#2 - Kent State University 

#3 -Belmont University 

#4 - California State University-San Bernardino 

#5 - Clarkson University



#6 -High Point University 

#7 - Claflin University  

#8 -Suffolk University 

#9 - Middle Tennessee State University 

#10 - Baruch College 

#11 - John F. Kennedy University 

#12 - Rowan University 

#13 - Illinois Institute of Technology



#14 - University of Baltimore 

#15 - New York Institute of Technology



#16 - The George Washington University 

#17 - Husson University



#18 - York College of Pennsylvania 

#19 - University of Iowa

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What's  APPin'ing

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When it comes to keeping your company's financial records, security
is of utmost importance!  Xero claims that it provides 'bank-level security' for companies accounting records.  With more than 500,000 subscribers, Xero offers monthly plans ranging from $6.30 to $49.  Their plans include easy-to-use invoicing and quote creation, dashboard, bank reconciliation, unlimited free 24/7 support, bill payment, time sheets and payroll, inventory, W2s and 1099 preparation.  In addition, Xero programs operate in the cloud and integrate with more than 400 other apps.  


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"I don't get much sleep," says Diplo, music entrepreneur, revealing one secret of his outrageous productivity.  I got about four hours last night.  I'll probably get four hours tomorrow night.  But I'll sleep more.  Eventually." 
-Diplo, , Music Entrepreneur, DJ and Producer 
[Source: Svetkey, Benjamin. "Secrets of the Most Productive People" Fast Company, December 2014/January 2015, pages 82-87, 140]
"35 percent of Inc. 500 CEOs said that one of the most important ways to stay innovative is attracting great talent.  Surprisingly, in the era of fetishized labs and skunkworks, only 5% said that investing in R&D leads to more breakthroughs."
When INC. 500 CEOs were asked how long it takes them to get from idea to market, 21% said less than a month, 58% said 1-5 months, 16% said 6-12 months, and 5% said more than a year.  
[Source: "CEO Survey:  What Innovators Eat, Sleep, and Breathe," Inc. September 2015, page 160.]

When asked "Which attribute is most accurate in describing your success," 40% said 'see opportunities,' 38% said 'persistence,' 10% said 'leadership ability,'  8% said 'understand business principles,' and 4% said 'salesmanship.' 
[Source:"CEO Survey; Momentum:  Unless D.C. Messes It Up"  Inc . September 2015, page 74.]
"I want to challenge you to put us out of business....What do I mean by that?....Put us out of business because you are so damn generous with what you give the people who walk in this door.  If there's a kid crying, who's going to walk over with a free cup of custard?  I challenge you to put us out of business with how generous you are. Go do it.  Give away free stuff....This is not merely about the occasional gratis dessert: It's part of a larger effort to empower employees to do whatever it takes to make customers feel loved."

-Randy Garutti, CEO, Shake Shack 
[Source: Brunner, Rob. "America Shacks Up" Fast Company. July/August 2015]

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