March 2015


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In Most Ways, School IS the Real World!


      It's that time in the semester when everyone's workload seems to be at its heaviest!  Exams, research papers, projects, business plans, presentations, competitions, essays, club meetings, job hunting, awards, etc., etc.  One could say that  early April compares to the fourth quarter in retail.


     But, how many times do we hear students and faculty say, "When I get out in the 'real world,' this is how it's going to be?"  It's my contention that college is the real world, and that students can learn/hone all types of skills that will help develop them into successful entrepreneurs!


     For example, team projects most certainly teach interpersonal skills and collaborative skills.  Business plan and elevator pitch competitions require research, planning, speaking skills, and a competitive spirit.  Serving as an officer in a club helps students build their confidence by practicing their management and leadership skills, motivating and inspiring others, building a team, and helping their organization to achieve its goals.  Trying to figure out what each professor is looking for is a lot like trying to satisfy different customers.  I could go on and on.


      In some ways, of course, college is a little less realistic than the business world.  For example, in business, employees typically are not given a paper (syllabus) that explains what is expected of them for the next four months.  On the other hand, the variety of demands on students taking 5 or 6 courses does rival the workload of a full-time employee. So, if a student is successfully navigating through a slew of school responsibilities and jobs, then that student is most certainly operating in the real world.


Sigma Nu Tau is growing again!  Interested in Starting a Sigma Nu Tau Chapter?


    We are pleased to announce that two more colleges will receive their Sigma Nu Tau charters this spring, which will bring the Sigma Nu Tau family up to 19!  York College of Pennsylvania will receive its charter on April 10th, and the University of Iowa will hold its charter ceremony on April 24th!  Would your university like to be the first in your state or region to establish  a Sigma Nu Tau chapter on your campus?  You will gain a competitive advantage by being able to offer special programs and awards to your students!

     If you would like to establish a Sigma Nu Tau chapter at your university so that you can recognize outstanding students, faculty members, entrepreneurs, and honorary members, please visit our website ( to learn more about the process. Or give me a call to discuss it!
    What's more 'real world' than entrepreneurship?   
Nancy J. Church
Nancy J. Church, Ph.D.
President and Executive Director
Sigma Nu Tau Entrepreneurship Honor Society
P.S.  Many thanks to our terrific faculty advisors who provide the continuity ad leadership to their chapters!  Does your school have any news that you would like to be included in our e-newsletter?  If so, please send it to me at or post it on the Sigma Nu Tau Facebook page!
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Current Entrepreneurship Articles of Interest


   "17 Things You Need to Learn About Tomorrow's Customers"*

       In the age of consumption, there is a new consumer market emerging with needs and wants - the millennials!  A report released by Goldman Sachs reveals potential opportunities in demographic shifts for America's generation born between 1980 and 2000.

Take notes, entrepreneurs! 


1.  Demographics are destiny, sort of.

They are the largest generation in numbers: 92 million.

2.  Multigenerational living.

They are living at home with their parents for longer than any other generation in history.  

3.  Less money, at least for now.

Higher unemployment and faced with higher student debt. 

4. They're getting married later.

5. They're having kids later.

6. They don't really care about luxury.

7. They value ownership...

93% of millennials in the report want to own a home eventually. 

7a. ...But they're still renting.

8.  They don't care about cars.

60% of millennials expressed no interest in buying a car.  

9.  They are digital natives.

Born in a technologically advancing era, their affinity for technology is unparalleled. 

10.  Health and wellness matter.

They value an active and balanced lifestyle. 

11.  Millennials don't like smoking and drinking.

12.  They care most about value.

Price is the most important factor when they shop.

13.  Think about their parents.

14.  Think about their older siblings.

Older siblings to millennials, are most likely Generation X-ers, with some discretionary income. 

15.  Think about the straddle generations.

Nevertheless, the majority of Americans are represented         by Baby  Boomers and Generation X-ers, who also presents opportunities for entrepreneurs. 

16. Consider the sharing economy.

Consider taxi companies like Uber, the millennials value effectiveness and sharing of resources. 

17. Focus on experiences over things. 


*Murphy Jr., Bill. "17 Things You Need to Learn About Tomorrow's Customers." March. 2015.




5 Personality 'Flaws' That Are Entrepreneurial Gold 

       In this article, John Rampton puts an interesting twist on common "personality flaws" that may, in turn, be the building blocks of success for entrepreneurs. Employee characteristics that may be sought after in the corporate world differ from what it takes to be a founder of a start-up. To found a business you must be driven, robust, dedicated, observant, and instinctual. Rampton is not suggesting that abhorrent qualities be mistaken for entrepreneurial precursors of success, but rather he is encouraging shifts in perspective to see certain qualities in a different light. 


1. One track mind

Obsessive and overachiever ring a bell? Sure, they might be said with negative connotation but ask any successful entrepreneur what got them to the top and they will tell you it is their underlying drive, or obsession, and need to succeed.

2. Problems with authority

Maybe it is your career and not your personality, the greatest entrepreneurs tend to be robust in nature.

3. A sense of failed relationships. Or none at all.

Really it is not that you can't commit, it's that you are in love with your entrepreneurial success, what is going to get you ahead - and there is nothing wrong with that.

4. You're an introvert-hermit-recluse.

No you are not painfully shy or anti-social, actually you are a highly skilled observer and exceptionally detail-oriented; all necessary characteristics of an entrepreneur.

5. You're arrogant. 

At onset of your entrepreneurial venture, the one person that has to believe in your project is you. If you want your start-up to get off the ground, humility won't work in your favor.


Rampton, John. "5 Personality 'Flaws' That Are Entrepreneurial Gold." March. 2015.


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"How you climb a mountain is more important than reaching the top." 

-Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia 

[Source: Brandon, John. "16 Motivational Quotes From Lesser-Known Entrepreneurs." Feb. 2015]


"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."

-Erica Nicole, Founder of YFS Magazine

[Source: Brandon, John. "16 Motivational Quotes From Lesser-Known Entrepreneurs." Inc

.com. Feb. 2015]



"Think big. I never think big enough. Be audacious. Imagine deals people around you think will never happen. Believe."

-Josh James, Founder of Domo and Omniture 

[Source: Brandon, John. "16 Motivational Quotes From Lesser-Known Entrepreneurs." Feb. 2015]


"Many people fear that they don't have any value to add to the lives of those they admire. They treat people higher up on the career ladder as if they were somehow out of reach or somehow better than them. But the moment you put someone on a pedestal is the moment they start looking down at you." 

-Selena Soo, Founder of S2 Groupe

[Source: Segran, Elizabeth. "A Networking Paradigm Shift: Focus on Giving, Not Taking." March. 2015]


"Making the decision to not follow a system or someone else's rules has allowed me to really dig into what my own strengths and gifts are without spending time feeling jaded or wasteful. "

-Ishita Gupta, Founder of Fear.less Magazine

[Source: Brandon, John. "16 Motivational Quotes From Lesser-Known Entrepreneurs." Feb. 2015]

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