July 21, 2017

Don't miss this great CLE this Thursday

Learn how to help low-income clients in Domestic Relations Court this Thursday with a new CLE hosted by the BBVLP. The Honorable Judges Patricia Stephens and Nakita Blocton will discuss how BBVLP volunteer attorneys can best serve pro se clients in court and resolve their cases. The presentation, which will be worth one CLE credit, will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., with free lunch provided. Click here to sign-up.

Mark your calendars to hear a national speaker on Domestic Violence

Mark your calendars for 11 a.m.  on Thursday, August 10   to be at the Birmingham Bar Association Center. That's when national domestic violence attorney,  Jennifer Arsenian , will be holding an interactive discussion about the implications of domestic violence, safety, and accountability in court interventions. CLE credit available and free lunch!

BBVLP honored at Alabama State Bar Meeting

BBVLP volunteers honored at the Alabama State Bar Meeting
Richard Carmody , Adams & Reese, a BBVLP supporter who was influential in starting the BBVLP's Bankruptcy Help Desk and legal program and serves on its steering committee, won the Albert Vreeland Pro Bono Award.  Jessica Chang , a long-time volunteer with the BBVLP from the Cumberland School of Law, won the Law Student Award.
Click  here to read about their accomplishments and to see the other award winners.

The BBVLP is hiring a  Safe Housing/Serving Veterans Programs Manager  and an AmeriCorps Program Manager. Please click the links above to learn more about these positions.


1. Please help this single mother clear up a garnishment

This client was evicted from a house on November 15, 2015, due to non-payment of rent.  Client is being garnished for back rent and damages to the property.  She has paid all the back rent but does not feel she should pay for damages because the house was completely torn down right after she was evicted.  This working mother is dealing with multiple sclerosis and cannot afford this ongoing garnishment.  Please help her!


2. Please help this working mother get a divorce from her sex-offender husband

The client is employed as a daycare worker and has an 11-year-old child. Her husband was incarcerated from 2012-2016 for sodomizing a 15-year-old girl. Please help this mother find closure on this difficult chapter of her life.


3. Please help this shooting victim divorce his violent wife 
Client's life has been threatened many times by wife. She shot him
five times and has recently tried to run him over in her vehicle. Please  help this man through his divorce.


 HELP DESK ATTORNEYS:  Thank you to the following attorneys
Civil Help Desk: 33 clients served
Miller Boxx (left) and  David  Webster, Legal Services of Alabama
James Illston
Merrill Law Firm
Kendra Johnson
Loring Jones
Jones & Associates
Priscilla Kelley
Matt McVay
Wilson Webb
Legal Services of Alabama
Josh Wrady
Wrady & Michel

Domestic Relations Help Desk: 40 clients served
April Bauder
Merrill Law Firm
Melinda Guillaume
John Milledge

Priscilla Kelley

April Bell
YWCA of Central Alabama
Amy Chiou
Cumberland School of Law
Kaylie Eicholt
Cumberland School of Law
Kim Fasking
Cumberland School of Law
Ian Green
Cumberland School of Law
Sydney Willmann
Cumberland School of Law
Wade Anderson
Wade S. Anderson & Associates
April Bauder
Merrill Law Firm
Jason Bonar
Mary Leesa Booth
Miller Boxx Kim Davidson 

Katie Grayson
De Martenson
Huie Fernambucq & Stewart
Angeline Sperling
Sperling & Moore
Jon Turner Donnie Winningham
Bressler Amery & Ross
Melody Eagan
Lightfoot Franklin & White

M elody obtained a divorce for a client, who said: "Melody is completely awesome!"

Heather Fann
Fann Law

Heather helped a woman through her divorce.

Patricia Doblar

Patricia helped an elderly woman through her divorce.

Summer Walker

Summer helped a woman through her divorce.
Melinda Guillaume

Melinda helped a client though a divorce settlement.

Loring Jones
Jones & Associates

Loring agreed to help a client fight third party creditors.

John Milledge

John agreed to help a client with a child support modification.

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Mike and Gillian Goodrich

Hopeus Corpus

Joe and Melinda Guillaume

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BBA Solo/Small Firm Section

Sam and Betty

Gathings Law Firm

Steve McKinney
Balch & Bingham

In Memory of 
Belinda C. Bennett, 
National Labor Relations  Board 
Region 10  Birmingham 
Resident Officer 

Adams & Reese
BBA Workers ' Compensation Section

Dean Scott Garrett
Birmingham School of Law
  Meadows Homes

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