Merry Christmas!
Christmas Prophet
Elijah Re-Born
"The End is Near!" said the man with the crazy eyes standing on the busy street corner holding a big sign saying, "Judgment Day is Coming".  This is often most people's first impression when they hear the word "prophet".  Prophecy has a bit of a bad name in the modern world.  Unless of course, you find it in a great story like the Matrix or the Wheel of Time.  Prophecy can be fascinating and mysterious if there is a chance that the one speaking might really be the voice of God.  
John the Baptist stands in a long line of powerful, biblical prophets. He is often lost in the story of Christmas.  But his birth story is also recorded. Even as an unborn child, he reacts to the presence of the Messiah.  His mother feels him do somersaults in the womb when his unborn cousin, Jesus, comes near.  John was born to prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah.  He is a prophet greater than all the prophets who came before him.  He is considered to be Elijah the prophet re-born.  The last prophet of the Old Testament in his final words said, "Look, I am sending you the prophet Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord arrives."  See you this Sunday as we uncover the mysteries of Christmas prophecy.

Christmas Eve Service will be 6 p.m.! (No service Christmas Day)
Movie Night

This Sunday! December 20! 5 p.m. Dinner and snacks provided!
Join us for Christmas Fun as we watch The Santa Clause on the big screen!
Connection Calendar
  • Youth Group - Sunday 6 pm
  • Sermon Based Small Group - Monday at 7 pm
  • Men's Group - Thursday Night - 7 pm
  • Prayer Team - Thursay Night - 7 pm
  • Christmas Eve Service - Thursday at 6:00 pm
Engaging Christmas
The gifts are rolling in for the migrant worker families that live right here in Lake Worth.  I have asked Sergio my friend at the Farm Worker Council to give us more families to adopt.   Click here for a list of families. Be sure to let us know what family you want to adopt.  Gifts are due at church by December 20!  Gifts will be given out at the Farm Worker's Council new offices on December 24 at 1 pm.

 O asis Compassion Agency:
We will be collecting items for the upcoming holiday season for Oasis Compassion Agency. We asked what is most needed at all times. Food items are always welcome but keep these things you may not have considered on your list as well.
Bath Items (hygiene Items) :
           Bath Soap
           Tooth Brush
           Feminine Pads
  Children's products are appreciated as well.
We are always low in sugar, oil, rice, and coffee but everything else is very welcomed.
From Oasis Compassion: I like to ask donors to send note cards with positive messages. They are always so excited when they get their hygiene kit with a card. The need for hygiene items is huge! They cannot buy these products with food stamps!!!
Prayer Concerns
  • Pray for courage to invite our friends and neighbors this Christmas Season.
  • Pray for peace in our city and our world.
  • Pray that God will continue to renew our church.
  • REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Diane Brill, Arlene Tiddens, Wilhelmina Wilson & Jessie Nienhouse
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