YPL Posting - Aquarian Issue  

I've had many amazing experiences.  However, while I confess, I've always wanted to experience a "sign," I can't remember when or if I ever had one. 


Until now...


The beginning of the year is usually a time of great hope for me.  Unfortunately, this one started with a devastating cold that took down both my energy and my mood. 


Rallying to brave the icy weather and go to a pharmacy for some medicine, I, also, used the opportunity to purchase a flood light that had blown; one of the newer types that will last for years...supposedly. 


This one did not last the trip home.  It was broken.  So, I used my remaining energy to make the trip back for a replacement; an exercise that proved somewhat of an ordeal.


As I left the pharmacy, disgruntled and further depleted, an unknown, elderly Asian woman was nearing the entrance. With barely a scant look in my direction, she said, as she passed, "Don't worry.  Everything will be okay." 


Needless to say, I was dumbstruck.   


Was I that easy to read?  Was it a random act of kindness?  Some sort of coincidence?  Or, a sign?


This time, I'm going for a sign.  And, it's already had a positive effect. 


I've recuperated, finished Parts One & Two of a 4-part "Potteresque" novel I'm writing, had some powerful client sessions and am into 2015 in a big way, convinced it's going to be a great year.


And, my message for this Aquarian period, especially if you're feeling the way I was, is, "Don't worry.  Everything will be okay."


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As I mentioned in my last few postings,

a powerful entity has offered to work through me for Physical Healings. 

Since I did not ask for this and with no guarantee as to results,

I've been offering free Physical Healing sessions during the past few months.

These have gone very well, 

so, now, I will make them part of combined

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