Ice911 Research Update 
Issue: 25 
May 4, 2015 
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Answering some FAQ's:

Q: Does Ice911 propose to cover the entire Arctic with reflective materials?
A: No, of course not.  At the same time that we do our small field tests to develop safe effective materials, we are also working to  identify the limited areas most likely to yield large benefits.

Q: Would building back some ice produce a change in climate?   

A: The idea is to curb some of the worst effects of climate change by slowing the rapid decline of the ice in chosen areas. By slowing or interrupting this feedback loop in certain areas, our aim is to give the world much-needed time to mitigate and adapt.    

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A short while ago we sent you an update with highlights describing some of the enormous progress Ice911 Research has been making.  (If you missed it, a link to the update can be found on the home page.)

Our message today is simple - please donate on May 5 as part of the Silicon Valley Gives one-day challenge to help us continue and accelerate our important work.

This work includes our ongoing and next-phase small-scale field tests; evaluating the highest-benefit implementation and location strategies to slow ice melt; and evaluating strategies to address the feedback loop of melting dark ice and snow in Greenland.

You can increase the impact of  your contribution by donating on May 5 to help spread awareness of Ice911's important work, and at the same time you'll also be helping us match a very generous $45K challenge grant. 

Furthermore, you'll be helping to make history by participating in what has been described as one of the world's most important citizen-science projects.   
Thanks, and keep cool!
 - Leslie and the Ice911 Team 

Tax-deductible donations to support Ice911's charitable initiative can be made directly to Ice911 Research, an IRS-approved 501(c)(3). See our donations page for details.   


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Ice911 Research Corporation's charitable mission is the development and rigorous scientific evaluation of an engineering approach to slow one of the far-reaching effects of global warming. The technique preserves polar and glacial ice and polar habitat using a localized and ecologically respectful "planetary band-aid" that can be put in place quickly - and that can be removed or reversed once it's no longer needed.  Ice911 is meant to give the world critically needed time to develop and implement the longer-term solutions of energy efficiency and sustainable energy alternatives.