Jewel Simmons
Free Spirit
Acrylic, Gel and Molding Paste on Canvas
36" x 24"
Jewel Simmons
Loris, SC
Artist Website

Abstract Expressionism is such a joyful way to paint.

My career has included the graphic arts, newspaper and magazine publishing, writing, jewelry making, and teaching. I moved to the Myrtle Beach area in order to create a studio, and devote my life to art. 

What I really love is paint. I love to mix it, brush it, scrape it, throw it. Abstract Expressionism was a revelation for me. It allows complete freedom while working on paintings. Connecting that freedom with emotional expression, for me, creates bold lines, vibrant color, and a lot of movement. I feel fearless and I let the painting guide the way to what it will be. Painting is the happiest energy for me.

I have felt a strong connection to Native American culture since I was a child, and many of my paintings reflect that bond.

I hope that you find joy, reflection, and inspiration in these works.

 - Jewel Becker Simmons