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In the formative years of Kendra Robben's law career, she frequently heard her colleagues describe how the Oklahoma City Community Foundation helps them better serve their charitable-minded clients. Curious about what seemed to be a beneficial partnership, she gave development director Joe Carter a call and has sought his assistance and counsel ever since.

"Joe helps my clients find the simplest and most rewarding ways to accomplish their charitable intentions," said Kendra. "In many cases, the client would have foregone making any kind of charitable bequest had they been without the easy solutions provided by the Community Foundation."

She distinctly remembers one client in particular, a widow with no close family members. Kendra and Joe outlined the charitable options available to her, and the client was thrilled to learn about an alternative to a private foundation. An advised fund at the Community Foundation offered low, competitive fees while allowing her to support many charities.

"This solution ensured the client's favorite charities would receive long-term support from the advised fund to help sustain and further their mission," said Kendra. "This option was more fulfilling compared to a one-time gift producing short-term results."

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation offers many customizable gift options that allow your clients to support specific nonprofit organizations or projects. We also provide tools and resources that can help your clients plan for their future. To learn more, contact Joe Carter today at 405/606-2914 or visit

Abigail was a wonderful and spirited 80-year-old woman who volunteered and made annual gifts to help her local homeless shelter. One year, she established a $100,000 charitable gift annuity for her and her sister that would eventually become a gift to the shelter. Because Abigail funded the CGA with cash, a large portion of each payment was tax-free. Sadly, Abigail died a few months after establishing the CGA. Normally, the premature death of an annuitant would trigger an additional income tax deduction on the decedent's final income tax return. However, since Abigail's sister will continue to receive the tax-free payments, is Abigail's executor entitled to the additional income tax deduction on the final income tax return? Discover the solution to the Case of the Week here.

Did you know? Tax-exempt organizations, or nonprofits, must operate primarily for exempt purposes, but occasionally may engage in some nonexempt activity. Nonprofits do not pay taxes on income earned from exempt activities, but income generated from nonexempt activities may result in unrelated business income tax (UBIT). Learn the basics, exceptions and exclusions of the UBIT rules in the first of this two-part series covering UBIT rules and their application to tax-exempt organizations.

The average American will work 40 years to accumulate assets and spend the next 10 to 20 years conserving their estate, but often spend little or no time planning for the distribution of their assets after their death.

Our free wills and trusts guide is designed to help your clients move forward with a plan to write a very good chapter in the book of their life. Through proper planning, they leave an encouraging and inspiring legacy. 

Download our free guide to planning your will and trust to assist you as your clients begin thinking about how they you want their assets to be distributed at death. 

A long-time employee of the Oklahoma State Senate, Miss Willie Elizabeth Shipley and her younger sister were raised by their beloved mother in Mangum, Oklahoma. They lived by their mother's rigorous rules, watching pennies and preparing for a rainy day. Miss Shipley never learned to spend money freely, particularly on herself.

Upon her death in 1980, Miss Shipley made a $200,000 gift through her will to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation to provide scholarships for students.

Nearly 40 years later, her bequest has yielded more than $700,000 in scholarship awards through our Oklahoma Youth With Promise program that supports Oklahoma foster children seeking higher education.

Miss Shipley's great strength of character, selflessness and generosity have been amplified through her investment in education that is continuing to make an astounding impact on
Oklahoma youth today.

Learn more about our scholarship fund options at  

Carol Hopper joined the Oklahoma City Community Foundation accounting staff in March 2015. Prior to joining the Community Foundation, Carol spent 32 years in the wealth management industry. Today, she helps Joe Carter and his team remain compliant on tax regulations through her exceptional recordkeeping of donor funds.

"In my role at the Community Foundation, I love having the opportunity to support the efforts of a great number of generous donors who use the Foundation to facilitate their gifts and enrich the lives of so many in Oklahoma," said Carol.

Joe Carter and his development team are ready to help you and your charitable-minded clients accomplish their planned giving goals. Find out more by contacting Joe today at 405/606-2914.        

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