March 2017 - In This Issue:
Greetings from your friends at SoundVision!

Spring has sprung and we're excited to bring you the latest from SoundVision! This month, we explore everything for Luxury Vacation Homes to the infinite possibilites of Virtual and Augmented Realities.  We also pause to showcase a beautiful project highlighted by Grainda Builders, a preferred SoundVision builder partner.  

We hope you enjoy!

"Simplify Life Through Technology!"
VR & AR: Ready for Take-off!
We've heard about it for decades, but are VR (virtual reality), with its trusty side-kick AR (Augmented Reality), finally ready for prime-time?  Over the holidays, we all watched the commercials with people of all ages laughing, gasping, sobbing as they were submerged into a deeper reality.  It's only now that we're seeing the potential, and how amazing it truly is.
Prevalent in the gaming world, augmented reality blends...

Your Automated Vacation Home: A Luxury Get-Away & Source of Income!
Your vacation home should be just that, a vacation.  It's a  restful sanctuary free from headaches, unnecessary chores and day-to-day stress.  This is where an automated home can shine.
You may be imagining your home on the Outer Banks with... 

Bring The Madness to Your Media Room!
We here at SoundVision know that content is king and today we've got more choices than ever before.  From subscription streaming to satellite, sources for content seem endless, and so are your options for viewing!  If you're hosting a March Madness party, a night of gaming, or any other excuse to have friends over, here's some tips to treat all your guests to their favorite team, game or conversation.

Here's a terrific project featured by our partners  Grainda Builders We're excited to have been part of this exceptional project, helping these homeowners create the perfect home, inside and out. 

"The features that the homeowners are most proud of are the Lutron lighting and Sonos wireless sound system that are featured throughout. The home contains the latest in technology including security, interior and  exterior Wi-Fi, living space scene lighting and music streaming. There is no doubt that luxury homebuilding is aligned with the demand for state-of-the-art technology."  Read the full  write-up .

The project A-Team:
Design: Ashley J Design
Technology: SoundVision
Kitchen Design: Laura H. Wray Designs

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