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Statewide Wine Tasting this coming Tuesday, March 1st.

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) is hosting a wine tasting of three Texas wines this coming Tuesday, March 1 at 7pm.  Three wines were chosen including Landon Tempranillo.  The idea is that people purchase the three wines and begin tasting them at the same time and then tweet about the wines. 


All wines were made from grapes from the Bingham family vineyard in the Texas High Plains appellation.  Cliff Bingham will be tasting and tweeting as well and will be available to answer any questions.  Bob Landon will also be on hand to tweet about the Tempranillo.


This is the first in a series of Twitter events around Texas wine hosted by the TDA. 


Free Shipping on Tempranillo

In support of this event, Landon Winery is trying to make it easy for everyone to have bottles of the Tempranillo on hand no matter where you live in Texas.  Therefore, we are offering a $23 credit towards the shipping cost of two bottles of Tempranillo using our online ordering system on the website.   Just use the coupon code "twitter" when checking out to receive the $23 credit.


For those of you in Corpus Christi, the Tempranillo can be found at Liquid Town and  Shockley Market.  In Houston the M&R Liquors on Louetta road carries the Tempranillo.


Landon Winery will be holding tasting parties at both locations for those wanting to get together and taste all three wines.   Landon will have all three wines on hand for the tasting at our winery locations.  Also, the Hilton Garden Inn in Denton will have the wines available for tasting in their cafe.


Landon Winery, McKinney           101 N. Kentucky St

Landon Winery, Greenville          2508 Lee St

Hilton Garden Inn, Denton           3110 Colorado Blvd  (940) 891-4700 


The three wines to be tasted are

Duchman Vermentino

Becker Viogner

Landon Tempranillo

New to Twitter?

It's easy.  If you're new to Twitter, here's how you participate:  just sign up for a free Twitter account at Go to the Tweetchat room set up for Texas Twitter Tuesdays: No registration is required. In the Tweetchat room, participants are invited to follow tweets, add comments, share thoughts, and also use the hashtag #GOTEXAN with Tweets, if they use TweetDeck or another tool.


Get some friends together, grab some bottles of the three wines and have some fun tweeting about great Texas wines with the grower and winemakers.


Bob Landon
Landon Winery
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