School Starters Online Course Has Started Enrollment
AEROx 2 Announced

So You Couldn't Afford to go to the AERO Conference, but.....

OK, so you didn't spend $600 to fly to Portland, $520 to stay at the hotel, $150 for meals on your own, and $300 registration fee, a total of $1570 to go to the AERO conference. You can still watch all of the keynotes, all of the mini-talks, the school starters' workshop, even the World Café, and listen to 42 workshops. Here's where you can order them.
On the other hand, if you DID go to the AERO conference, you can get these videos and audios, show them to your friends, and gloat! People have been saying that this was AERO's best quality conference, and that's saying a lot!

We have professional video and audio recordings from this year's AERO conference! You can buy  full sets of audio and video. Or you can get the  audio and  video separately. You can also buy individual  keynotes and  workshops, as well as the audio or video recordings of the  mini talks.

You can choose between USB and DVD for the video and USB and CD for audio. If you chose USB that means we will send you a thumb drive that you can plug into your computer. These are available on the product page when you make your selection. For instance if you want to buy the full set of conference video and audio but want the video on a USB drive but the Audio on CD just select the USB+CD option.

If you order digital MP3 audio or MP4 video we can also email it to you.

If you want to order an individual workshop or keynote take a look at this scanned form and   let us know which one you would like in the notes on the order form. There are two DVDs of the mini-talks.

We have made more of the thumb drives of full audio workshops and video thumb drives of full keynotes, mini talks and the school starters workshop. We also have four more full sets of DVDs of all the video. 

Results of AERO Conference Survey
Shilpa Jain Leads Audience in Mini-Talk Keynote

We had a fair number of responses from our post-AERO Conference Survey. Here are some of the results:
  1. There were just about the same number of new attendees as returnees.
  2. Most people heard about the conference from the e newsletter, from the AERO website or an individual, in that order. They also heard about it from Facebook and their schools.
  3. On a scale of ten, over 70% felt the conference was an 8 or better.
  4. Although 33% of the attendees came from the Northwest, there were attendees from all other major parts of the USA, Canada (22%), and several countries.
  5. In terms of suggested improvements, some wanted more outside space; some wanted more open space scheduling, more World-Café-type activities, longer workshop sessions, more student involvement, greater variety of alternatives. Some wanted more woman keynoters, but 7 of the 8 mini-talk keynotes were by women.
  6. 80% felt the cost was reasonable.
General comments from attendees: 
  • Special thanks to Luiz (chef) who made many gluten free entrees for those of us with food sensitivities; 
  • Many thanks for your tireless efforts to make AERO conferences a success!! 
  • I loved the smaller setting, because of the fact that I could bump into people many time throughout the conference, had me meet more people: 
  • Whova, was quite helpful - though the more you use it, the more everyone will get used to it ;) 
  • This was a full on 5 days of the  greatest connections and information sharing that I have ever experienced.: 
  • Thank you for bringing all the books and making buying them so simple. Thank you for making audio and video available.
  • Thank you for negotiating reasonable room rates.  
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and will definitely come back. The documentaries, workshops, and keynote speakers were thought provoking and inspiring. I learned so much that I actually had to take breaks so my brain could take it all in!
Vera Goodman Presents Mini-Talk Keynote
The Second AEROx Gathering Will Take Place Again in Massachusetts in Late September
By the Campfire at First AEROx at Earthlands

Did you miss the AERO Conference in Portland? Hankering for more AERO events? Well, you're in luck !   

You are invited to attend the second ever AEROx Regional Conference!  

AERO has decided to return to beautiful  Earthlands Preserve in Petersham, Massachusetts September 30 - October 2, 2016.    

Space is limited, so register soon. The early bird rate is only $205, and this includes registration, lodging, and meals from Friday night's dinner to Sunday lunch. There will be child and group rates as well.  

Last year was a big success, there were just under 40 people with a great mix of youth and adults all learning from each other.  You can read more about last year's event here.

This event will have the quality workshops, networking opportunities, and keynoters you have come to expect from AERO events. We are collecting workshop proposals. Send them to, or .    

The event will also feature plenty of time for networking, forging relationships and impromptu discussion groups. 

Lodging is comfortable, rustic style shared rooms with bunks in off-the-grid, environmentally sustainable buildings.

People can also camp on the site.    

There has been a high demand for an additional AERO event that provides more local opportunities for networking, focused workshops , and action planning that keeps the inspiration and work of AERO going. 

To register go here. See you there.   

Peter Berg
School Starters Course Begins In September
Pono an Alternative in Manhattan AERO Helped Start

The 11th  AERO Online School Starter Course will begin on September 26th, 2016. It will run until January. Enrollment has already started. 
AERO has helped start more that 100 educational alternatives that we know of. You can see a partial list  here. Since AERO's mission is the Education Revolution, we try to help people create as many learner-centered alternatives as we can. This course has been the most effective way we have discovered to help people go from their dream and vision to the reality of a new, vibrant educational alternative.
The course is limited to 25 participating sites, although up to five people can participate from each site. Last year the course was quickly filled with an amazing variety of participants from around the country and around the world. This has been the case for the last few years, so you should  enroll quickly to guarantee a space.
The course is generally not in real time except for an occasional optional live Skype or Google chat. The course is on a dedicated website that you access as you have time, responding to each section as we open it and responding to the posts of other students in the course. The site has videos, audio interviews, book excerpts, etc. So you can access it as you are able from anywhere in the world.
The two instructors are  Jerry Mintz, director of AERO, and  Chris Mercogliano , author of How to Grow a School and long-time director of Albany Free School.  But the key to the course is the interaction between the students.
Again you can take the course for 2 or 3 graduate credits from Antioch University New England. The full course is now $1000 but will rise to $1200 as the course fills up. It is now $1500 if you want graduate credit.
You can get more information about the course or sign up for it  here. It has already started to fill up for this year!
If you have questions you can write to

How Learning Happens in Unschooling

My daughters watched the video of  Korryn Gaines and read some articles that offered speculation on what happened.

I knew they watched and read because I heard Kris (their dad) and Marley (age 12) loudly engaged in spirited discussion. I walked in to see Sage (age 10) reading an article and mumbling about the site's mobile app deficiencies. We asked the girls what they thought happened, and how they felt about it.

We had just finished practicing our handstands and round-offs in the backyard. As usual, and our conversation go from light chatter about fun things (like handstands) to spirited debates about life's more weighty bits (like racism and police brutality).

Our daughters peeled back layers and asked several questions. That evening, we ended up in a series of deep-dive conversations about...

Read the rest here.
This Is What Education Should Look Like! Meet Minnesota's Young Freedom Fighters
By Alan Singer.

This is what education should look like! It ain't Common Core, no high-stakes tests to measure progress, and this program is really good!

I never heard of  Robbinsdale, Minnesota until I was contacted by teachers from the district and asked if I could organize a New York City and Slavery walking tour for a high school spring break trip that is part of their  African American study strand. Robbinsdale is a small town (less than 15,000 people) in the suburbs surrounding the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Robbinsdale Area Schools is a consolidated school district serving seven independent towns with ten elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. The consolidated school district has about 12,000 students.

Read the rest here.
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