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SICA informs and advocates for our members on important issues such as beach protection, economic development, and island safety.  We connect neighbors through our email newsletter, community meetings and social events.  We support worthy community causes through charitable donations.  We do all of this as a network of volunteers who are committed to improving our community.
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Welcome Back SICA Members -- Meet & Greet New Members Event


Port of Palm Beach, Operations & Security presents:

Safeguarding Our Borders and Waterways ... "A Panel Discussion"

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Palm Beach Post staff photo by Ken Steinhoff
Learn more about the history of the Blue Heron Bridge ... HERE
  Highlights of Our Proud SICA History
    SICA was founded in 1967 to fight what we believed was unwise development of high rise and commercial properties on what is now known as Sugar Sands.
     Later, we were instrumental in getting the Blue Heron Bridge built as a safer means of evacuation by appealing directly to the Governor after being thwarted by the Department of Transportation; opening in June 1976. 
    We helped preserve the independence of neighboring unincorporated areas such as Lost Tree Village, and we were closely involved in the development of MacArthur Park.
    We purchased submerged land along Lake Worth Lagoon to help preserve the pristine environment.
    Most recently, we were the force behind the A1A beautification being more than just a simple re-paving. Instead, it now features beautiful landscaping and upscale lighting, and helped secure the Island Corridor with state-of-the-art surveillance and license plate reader cameras.
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