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Sitting, Ergonomics, and the Executive

We have all heard about the studies on sitting, and how it can negatively impact our health. Research has shown that sitting for extended periods of time is not good for us.
Office personnel, especially executives, spend a lot of time sitting and looking at a computer. This sustained posture can cause neck and shoulder discomfort, headaches, low back pain, a sort of malaise, and, shall I say it? a feeling of "I'm getting old!" But executives are often too busy to even acknowledge the onset of chronic discomfort until lifestyles are affected.
25 years ago, we discovered that the "laws of sitting" are not being taught. This lack of education was exposed when our society became dependent on computers, allowing access to the world while seated in an office or home.
But knowledge is power, as the saying goes. There are simple rules of how to sit. Violation of these rules cause accelerated "micro trauma". The accumulation of insidious micro trauma is called Cumulative Micro Trauma (CMT), which is the cause of the symptoms mentioned above. Read more about how to avoid micro traumas, and other office-related pains.
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