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We're beyond the midway point of summer conifer harvest. With a couple weeks left, there is still plenty of work harvesting spruce, juniper, boxwood, arborvitae, fir, yew and more. Among those summer-harvestable options is Cypress spruce, our plant of the month.

Have you ever asked for a plant that is 6 feet tall, but you don't want it to grow larger than 6 feet tall? That question gets asked more than you think. The age-old saying, "size matters", rings true with plants. This month's feature article recognizes the demand for specific sized plants, with a reminder that plants are living things too.
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by Carrie Hennessy, Landscape Designer
There is an old grower's adage about plant size-- "If it's not growing, it's dead". Aware of this truism, at Johnson's Nursery we provide a range of mature heights and spreads for shrubs, trees, and evergreens. Also, how large a plant gets and how well it performs often depends on the site where it is planted. It amuses me when I go to a box store and see a potted Emerald Arborvitae with a tag saying it gets 6ft tall. Right now, we have beautiful 8ft B&B Emerald Arborvitaes in our holding yard for sale, and I can assure you they will keep growing...up to 25-30 tall.

Frequently (but not always) the taller the listed mature size, the faster a plant grows. Emerald Arborvitaes grow fairly fast, so we are able to offer a range of sizes for sale. However, I will get requests from customers for an evergreen or tree that won't get taller than 6ft, but they also want to start with something that is 6ft tall. Without lots of maintenance, that isn't going to happen on most trees.

Plants that top out at 6 feet, like Green Mountain Boxwood, very rarely come in that size for sale, because they grow much more slowly. The larger you go in the beginning, the more money you will pay for the extra time the plant sat in the field, getting larger, or the number of times a container-grown plant was upgraded to a larger pot in production. This year we have gorgeous field-grown 36" Green Mountain Boxwoods, but they certainly come with a larger price tag than a little southern-grown #2 container you could find at a box store. Sometimes those great deals you find at the box stores are not so great. If the plants were grown and shipped from the Deep South, they will struggle to survive their first couple of Wisconsin winters-but that's a whole other topic for another day. This article about size is going to stay short and sweet!

Cypress Spruce
Picea abies 'Cupressina'

If you are looking for an alternative to arborvitaes or junipers for an upright, narrow evergreen accent or screen, consider the Norway Spruce variety 'Cupressina'. So named for its similarities to the Italian Cypress trees that dot the Tuscan countryside, Cypress Spruce is extremely winter hardy, able to withstand heavy snow and our cold winters. Install some around the patio, pick fresh basil for pesto, pour a glass of Chianti, and enjoy a summer festa!

True Cypress Trees (Cupressus sempervirens) are native to ancient Persia and were brought to the Tuscany area of the Mediterranean thousands of years ago. The wood is saturated with fragrant, essential oil, which makes the timber sought after for furniture, building materials, and coffins because it resists decomposition. The trees were widely planted around houses and cemeteries to freshen the air and the scent of the oil was thought to ward off evil spirits and death.

In Greek mythology, Cyparissus was a handsome young man, favored by Apollo, the sun god. Cyparissus had a pet stag he loved very much. One day the stag was sleeping in the shade of a forest when Cyparissus accidentally killed his pet with an arrow. He was so distraught that he prayed to the gods for death and/or to never stop weeping. The gods transformed him into a Cypress tree, which would be planted near graves so he could mourn forever over the bodies, the sap weeping like tears from the wood.

"Master at the Prairie" Wisconsin Master Gardener
Association State Conference 2017

Come to the 2017 WIMGA State Conference and see Carrie Hennessy of Johnson's Nursery & Zannah Crowe of Johnson's Gardens. The event is hosted locally this year in West Bend, WI! The conference will begin on Friday night October 13, and there will be a full day presentations (including Carrie's & Zannah's) on Saturday, October 14. This is a must do for any Milwaukee-area gardener!

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Gardening for Pollinators
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