In her own words:
"Just updating you that I recently got an internship as a data analyst intern at HubSpot to start them off on a new project. It will start in May. I got it through Hack.Diversity... I'm also in San Francisco on an all-expense paid trip called TechTrek with Code2040 to visit companies like Snap, Microsoft, GitHub, Box, Intel, and LinkedIn. They are also offering internships to us all where they want to pay for housing, so I'm trying to apply for these companies for next summer. I'm emailing not to show off, but to thank you for getting me this far. Also, I'm interested in other people getting these opportunities and requesting that you all pass on the message to [other students]. Please tell them to sign up for Hack.Diversity and Code2040. These programs ...  are empowering for blacks and Latino tech students ."