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Welcome to the SOTH Newsletter June 2017 Issue! 

Summertime is coming! School is almost over! We are thrilled to share interesting ideas and information to our valuable families and readers. This month, we are featuring another body part, the Neck, which is vital to performance and functionality. We are reviewing the yoga poses, "Cow and Cat", and emphasize their importance in posture and movement.  We are also sharing the next part of "Zones of Regulation - GREEN ZONE".  The latest craze, "Gak or Flubber" is our featured toy of the month kids and adults will definitely enjoy! Lastly, a super cool movie treat "CARS 3", hosted by a community group in Arlington, awaits families with special needs!

Enjoy reading!


Kristen Masci and SOTH Staff

Newsletter June 2017 Issue

The neck serves as a stabilizer for our head and our eyes.  If you imagine a tripod that is holding up a camera, the tripod needs to be tight so that the picture comes out clearly.  In other words, mobility in the neck can impact visual function. 
The neck muscles are also connected to the trunk which allows us to be able to control head movement against gravity.  When a baby starts to experience “tummy time”, he/she is beginning to engage the neck muscles so that the head can be lifted up. This muscular activation within the neck prepares the baby to master other important motor milestones.
After tummy time, rolling, and sitting develop, the baby moves into crawling.  In the crawling position, stable neck muscles allow the baby to visually explore the environment and develop depth perception while moving around.
For the school-aged child, a stable neck and trunk facilitate postural control while moving and while sitting at a desk to perform academic work.
The latest fad for elementary school-aged children is making slime.  It is also referred to as Gak or Flubber.  I am sure many parents are fed up with their children asking for glue, Borax, and food coloring.  My daughter is addicted to watching videos on YouTube of people making all different kinds of slime.  If you are looking for an easy recipe, here is one:

You will need: 

*liquid glue


*warm water

*food coloring (optional)


1. Squeeze about 4 ounces of glue into a glass bowl.

2. Mix in 1 1/2 bottles of warm water.

3. Add your food coloring, if desired.

4. Mix 1 teaspoon of Borax into 1/2 cup of water, and slowly add the solution to the glue mixture.

5. Stir in the Borax solution until the slime started to come together. ...

6. Knead the Flubber.

7. Have fun with your new toy!!!


"CAT and COW poses": Yoga moves of the month

We hope you enjoyed and mastered the cat and cow poses from previous months. Here are some additional info about these poses:
  C at and Cow  yoga poses particularly help with the integration of the primitive reflex called STNR or Symmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex. These poses help the upper and lower parts of the body dissociate for functional movement. Performing the poses correctly can help with balance, sitting posture, eye-hand coordination, and seated reading and writing tasks when the child is older.
When working with your child on Cat Pose, pay special attention to having straight arms and hips aligned over the knees. When working on Cow Pose, make sure hands remain on the floor and hips aligned over the knees. 
(Credits to: Juliana Bonilla, MS, OTR/L)
"Starting a Conversation with your OT"
Children Do Well If They Can

( The Explosive Child, Ross Greene, 2005 )

Common misperception:  Children do not behave because they are not motivated.

Reality: Children often do not behave because they do not know HOW to.

Solution: Teach kids strategies and tools to decrease their maladaptive behaviors and increase t heir positive interactions.
The Green Zone, like a green light, is when you are “good to go.” If you are in the Green Zone, you may feel happy, calm, and focused. Being in the Green Zone allows one to be in an optimal state for learning.

For more information about the above processes and concepts, please speak with your child’s OT!

More to come next month as we get into the specifics of other  ZONES !!!

(Adapted from Sam & Kristen’s Presentation                                                                                                                          on Zones of Regulation.) 
COMMUNITY Announcement
Disney*PIXAR's Cars 3
June 17, 2017
Opening Weekend Screening - FREE! Exclusive for Families with Special Needs

Please join the Arlington Special Education PTA ( www.arlingtonsepta.org ) and Waddell Group ( www.waddellgroup.net ) for an exclusive private screening of Disney*Pixar's 2017 summer release, "Cars 3" for families with special needs, on Saturday, June 17, 2017 - Opening Weekend - at 8:30am - 11:00am.

Check out this sensory friendly movie info for the DC area:

To register for the Cars 3 movie event, go to: www.waddellgroup.net.
If you are interested in helping sponsor the event with a donation to Arlington SEPTA, please contact: theresa.waddell@gmail.com.

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