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Welcome to the SOTH Newsletter July 2017 Issue! 

SUMMER is officially here! As always, SOTH have some exciting activities and ideas to share with you and your kids! This month, we are featuring the "trunk" as our body part on spotlight. We are concluding our yoga poses with Giraffe and Silent Turtle poses the kids will definitely boost their energy and flexibility. Learn the next part of "Zones of Regulation - YELLOW ZONE" which talks about using caution in daily interactions or situations. Our featured toy of the month is "Water beads", which is great for sensory play! 

Enjoy reading!


Kristen Masci and SOTH Staff

Newsletter July 2017 Issue

The Trunk is an extremely important part of the body for motor skill development.  It serves as the base of support for the limbs and allows us to execute fine and gross motor skills with control and coordination. The trunk is composed of the back and abdominal muscles.   

As a baby, tummy time helps to develop strength and stability within the back and stomach as the baby lifts the head, pushes up through the arms, and sustains the position against gravity.  It also serves as the foundation for crawling and walking to develop later on.


The trunk muscles contract when we sit upright, stand upright, and when we move through our environment.  Activation of these muscles occurs when we make subtle shifts to control our bodies to balance while walking, riding a bike, standing on one foot, climbing a jungle gym, or sitting on a stool. 

Our trunk allows and gives our arms control when reaching for an object, catching a ball, writing, or cooking at a stove. 
Water Beads
(For Tactile play)  

Activity ideas: Hide objects in them and search with eyes closed, make the water different temperatures, talk about how they feel, sort them by color, scoop and poor between different containers, squeeze between index finger and thumb for strengthening pincer grasp.
(Yoga moves of the month)

Have your child move to a table top position to start Giraffe Pose. Let the child raise one arm up to the sky. Cue your child to look at and wiggle his or her fingers. Complete the same movement on the other side.
  End the play sequence with sleeping turtle. This pose can be tricky for children to motor plan so you may have to provide hands on assistance to help your child get into the pose. You can cue your child to press their forehead into the floor for additional calming input. Encourage very slow and quiet turtle breathing.

This ends the basic yoga animal poses. Next time, we will teach you animal breathing exercises you can integrate with yoga poses. Stay tuned! 

(Credits to: Juliana Bonilla, MS, OTR/L)

"Starting a Conversation with your OT"
The YELLOW zone, describes when you start to lose control, such as when you are frustrated, overwhelmed, silly, wiggly, excited, worried, anxious or surprised. It is a good idea to use caution when your are in the Yellow Zone.

For more information about the above processes and concepts, please speak with your child’s OT!

More to come next month as we get into the specifics of other  ZONES !!!
(Adapted from Sam & Kristen’s Presentation on     Zones of Regulation.) 
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