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From Sunday's message:

Most of the encounters with God start with the statement do not fear. Even the hardy people of the olden days had fear in their lives. And God was always trying to calm the people he spoke with down so they could listen and understand the message.
Remember this passage about worry?  I think worry is when we let our fears go so far that we cannot really live.  These kinds of fears are unhealthy.
The general point is that fear is part of our survival instinct. Moms carry that fear for kids before they are old enough to understand. We need moms and fear to make sure we are ok. We do not need our Fear to stop us from trying new things and really living.
En Agape',
Rev. Michael Weeks

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This Week's Calendar

Tuesday: Men's Softball - 6:30/7:30 p.m. - Field #3
Wednesday: Choir - 7:00 p.m.
Thursday: Guests in Fellowship Hall - 10:30 a.m. & 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: Guests in Fellowship Hall - 10:00 a.m.
Sunday: Learn About Slash class - 9:45 a.m.
Children's Choir - 9:45 a.m.
Board Meeting - 7:00 p.m.
In this issue:
  • Regional Search & Call Team survey
  •  News from Craig Springs
  • Good News from the Commonwealth
  • General Assembly
  • Pentecost Offering
  • Meet our New Communications Information Director

The Search & Call Team needs your help to gather opinions and dreams for the Ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Virginia. It is our hope that every Disciple in Virginia will complete a survey. Your input will help us create a regional profile that will guide the team in the search for a new regional minister. The team plans to hold listening conferences all across the state beginning in the fall to share the results and further refine our information before we begin the search.

Information solicited by the survey address the following areas:
✦ Hopes, dreams, visions and priorities for the region within the next 5 years.
✦ Gifts, experiences, and commitments of the next Regional Minister

We ask all respondents to answer the survey one time, either electronically or on paper. Paper copies will be available in the sanctuary on Sunday.

Mother's Day

Thank you for your generous donations totaling $600 for baby boxes!

Maker Fun Factory
Vacation Bible School
June 19 - 23
9 am to12 pm


~Ron Caudell (catheterization May 24)
~Ginnie Caudell (upcoming test)
~Charlie Pavie & family (friend of Troy Payne and Rev. Michael; cancer surgery)  
~Bob Peters (cousin of Ginnie Caudell)
~Bill Ridenour (brother of Catherine Young)
~H.T. Loving (Autumn Care; Winter Room 207; visitors welcome; considering surgery)
~MaryLee Jones (Autumn Care; Winter Room 109; visitors welcome)
~Riley Ostrander (grandson of the Ostranders)
~Terry Kinum (friend of Don Moore; fractured skull)
~ Roger Martin (home; recovering from hip replacement surgery)
~Pam Cross (friend of Catherine Young)
~Amy Bates (former accompanist at Slash)
~David Brent (friend of Krystal Melton; hospice)
~Beth Harris (niece of Don and Helen Kersey; bone marrow transplant)
~Wayne Smith (brother of Beth Harris; bone marrow donor)
~Alvin Loving (Hanover Manor)
~Brian Cummings (friend of Sherri Smith)
~Iris (friend of Gail Hellermann)
~Pam Brown (friend of Gail Hellermann)
~Bob and Barbara Henderson (Bob; blood clots in lungs)
~Carolyn Nash
~Dickie Tomlin (brother-in-law of Buddy Fowler; chemo)
~Norma Jennings (home)
~Jo Richardson (home)
~Vaughn Schmitt (family friend of the Weeks') 
~Polly Vaughan, Beverly Vaughan
~Nancy Hooper (sister of Brooken Loving)
~Charlie Hunt (friend of Judy Pierce; leukemia treatments)
~Brooken Loving (suffering from severe psoriasis)
~ Faisal Saeed (coworker of Cathy Tillman) 
~Shot Mangum (brother of Judy Pierce) 
~Ann Graham (sister of Don Kersey)
~Jack McGuire (uncle of Michelle Weeks)
All military personnel, first responders and their families
Unspoken prayer concerns
~Mother's Day
~Joey Oliva graduated on Saturday
~Cori Patton is doing better
~Tristan Goodman accepted to travel soccer team

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