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Thank you to Rev. Rebecca Highfield for bringing the message on Sunday.
If you have any pastoral concerns while I am at General Assembly please contact Ted Jones, Elder of the Month.

En Agape',
Rev. Michael Weeks

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This Week's Calendar

Tuesday: Meals on Wheels - Nancy Farrell
Friday: Rev. Michael returns from General Assembly
Sunday: Craig Springs Triple 1 Camp begins
Church School - 9:00 a.m.
ONE Worship - 10:00 a.m.
Board Meeting - 7:00 p.m.

Craig Springs Camp donations needed!

craig springs gazebo

Please keep our campers in your prayers!

Triple Camp Participants and Volunteers:
Kendall Dalton, Meredith Farrell, Ann Bremner, Cynthia Bremner

They love to receive mail. Postal service in Craig County is slow. Mail your letters early!  Even "overnight" packages mailed in-state can take more than three days to arrive. Please allow plenty of time for mail to travel to camp. 
Campers Name (session of camp)
Craig Springs Camp 
30 Craig Springs Circle, New Castle, VA 24127

~Erlene Mangum (sister-in-law of Judy Pierce; pneumonia)
~John Doty (friend of Becky Baugher; ALS)
~Kenneth Bremner (brother of David Bremner; rotator cuff surgery on Thursday)
~Caryl Moore (mother of Don Moore; preparing for death of last dog)
~H.T. Loving (Hanover Health and Rehab)
~Bob and Barbara Henderson 
~Ronald Caudell (home recovering; doing well after surgery)
~Whitney Bush and Gene Harmon (friends of Patsy Fowler with cancer)
~Donald West (brother of Lloyd West)
~Diane Smith (sister of Nancy Murdock; chronic respiratory and other illness)
~Kathy Goodman (aunt of Carolyn Putnam)
~Summer Forest (daughter of Nancy Murdock)
~Al Toosic (friend of the Ostranders; moving to rehab after fall)
~Young people effected by depression
~Conner Bartz (nephew of Carol Kurz)
~Terry Kinum (friend of Don Moore; fractured skull; improving slowly)
~Charlie Pavie & family (friend of Troy Payne and Rev. Michael)  
~MaryLee Jones (home)
~Amy Bates (former accompanist at Slash)
~Beth Harris (niece of Don and Helen Kersey; lukemia free)
~Iris (friend of Gail Hellermann)
~Pam Brown (friend of Gail Hellermann)
~Carolyn Nash
~Dickie Tomlin (brother-in-law of Buddy Fowler; chemo)
~Norma Jennings (home)
~Jo Richardson (home)
~Vaughn Schmitt (family friend of the Weeks') 
~Polly Vaughan, Beverly Vaughan
~Nancy Hooper (sister of Brooken Loving)
~Charlie Hunt (friend of Judy Pierce; leukemia treatments)
~Brooken Loving (suffering from severe psoriasis)
~ Faisal Saeed (coworker of Cathy Tillman) 
~Shot Mangum (brother of Judy Pierce) 
~Ann Graham (sister of Don Kersey)
~Jack McGuire (uncle of Michelle Weeks)
All military personnel, first responders and their families
Unspoken prayer concerns

~Mission Trippers returned home safely. Thanks to the adult chaperones for volunteering their time. 

We will see you Sunday!
Slash Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
11353 Mt. Hermon Rd. | Ashland, VA  23005 | 804.798.4520 

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