ReMark series waste glaze process
BoomWehmeyer's 'REMARK SERIES' salvages waste glazes that otherwise pose environmental hazards 
"Design(ing) is an act.  We scrub, filter, deepen, cut up and reconnect new perspectives, not only in material but also in the stories we send into the world. Design is a behavior that doesn't always end up in a material form, but in the activation of a new way of being and working together. Design is about taking action and encountering new relations. As designers, we are obliged to act out of, to act for, or to act on behalf of. We represent the bridges, the toolbox, the laboratory and dream kit in today's environment and ways of living. Designers can build new dimensions and different levels of consciousness that inspire solutions for how we live our lives." - excerpt from BoomWehmeyer's 'Crafting Consciousness' course brief, ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design, Fall 2012
For Judith van den Boom and Gunter Wehmeyer of Studio BoomWehmeyer, 'craft' is about much more than making more stuff with which to fill our lives.  Rather, it is a tool for raising consciousness, taking responsibility, and exploring relationships in ways that help people transcend their material cravings and return to a richer sense of self, a new sense of connectedness with others, and more sustainable ways of living.

The husband and wife team's (Slow) social innovation work in China includes Judith's fascination and ongoing work with porcelain.  She views it not only as a material, but as a context for conversations about contemporary notions of making and for challenging today's global climate of super-fast production and consumption.  Since 2006, she has listened, learned and collaborated with local craftsmen, artisans and manufacturers in Tangshan and Jingdzhen, forming 'warm relationships' that proactively Slow the product development cycle while allowing the designer to deepen and also share her personal knowledge.

Slow Dialogue cups before and after firing
'SLOW DIALOGUE' cups before and after firing are a visual marker of how conversations can transform us  
slowLab is pleased to offer two types of limited-edition porcelain by BoomWehmeyer to supporters of our Kickstarter campaign.  All of the pieces are made in Jingdzhen, China in creative collaboration with local people and in small factory settings. 

The first offering is a set of 'SLOW DIALOGUE' cups, two inimately-scaled and seemingly identical porcelain vessels that have custom markings on the bottom distinguishing them as a unique pair.  Filled with a hot brew and cradled in the hands, these cups encourage the (be)holder to enjoy a few gentle moments of pause and reflection, or (when two cups are filled) to engage in a t�te-�-t�te.  (You can read Carolyn Strauss' essay about Judith van den Boom's love of tea and conversation here >)

The second offering is a cup from BoomWehmeyer's 'REMARK SERIES,' embellished with reclaimed waste glaze from the Chinese ceramics industry.  As BoomWehmeyer learned about the use, recycling and after-life of various materials used in porcelain processes, they found out that glaze is not only one of the most used, it's also one of the most toxic when not properly disposed of.  By salvaging leftover production glazes, BoomWehmeyer prolongs their usable life and helps reduce their negative environmental impacts. While at the same time, the random sourcing of the glazes results in a one-of-a-kind visual and tactile experience upon each cup's surface.
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BoomWehmeyer porcelain is offered to supporters of slowLab's Kickstarter campaign at the $75.00 level.  Learn more here >
ReMark series porcelain by BoomWehmeyer
'REMARK SERIES' porcelain cups by BoomWehmeyer