August 2016
Did You Know?
GA ranks #1 (third year running) in US for best state for business
(Site Selection 11/15)
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2016 Greater Dalton Chamber Membership Event
The membership event comes around once every three years.  150 volunteers coming together over the course of 3 days to help the Chamber grow more than 250 members.  Bryan Macon (Dorsett Industries) was named the Godfadda and Kristie Gazaway (JBM) was named the Godmudda of this year's event. 

In the photo to the left,  Chamber President Rob Bradham performs a Prince tribute at the celebration party to welcome the 252 new members.

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Congratulations Beth Morrison!
Congratulations to Beth Morrison, Vice President of Member Services at the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce, for being honored at ACCE for a Circle of Champions Lifetime Achievement Award for number of new sales in the Platinum category of 1,250 transactions or $750,000 in sales.
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 5 Ways To Prioritize What Social Network Your Business Should Invest In
Tuesday, August 30th at 1:00 PM EST

"What social media network is the best one to market my business and make money?" Small business owners frequently ask this question - and just as often - puzzle over how to get it right!
Get the answers for your business when Pam Moore, the CEO of, (and one of the nation's leading online marketing experts) discusses how to use an audience-based approach to prioritize and maximize your investment in social media.

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How Savvy Business Owners Use Value Creation to Build Wildly Successful Companies
Thursday, September 8th at 1:00 PM EST

Achieving pre-determined milestones is key to increasing the value - and vitality - of your business. Setting goals related to revenue, income, cash flow and profit margin not only helps prioritize your on-going business activities, but may yield high returns when the time comes to exit, or sell, your business.

During this webinar, speaker Michael Mobley, with  Impetus Solutions, will show why it's so important for entrepreneurs to lead and manage for "value creation," rather than merely profit or other singular criteria. Michael will then highlight the challenges an owner faces in obtaining the value of their business and how to overcome them.

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5 Ways to Maximize the Profit When Selling Your Business
Thursday, September 15th at 1:00 PM EST

Whether you want to sell your business soon, or think this payoff is years away, there are steps you can take right now to maximize its value and price -- as well as your profit from years of hard work building your business.

Even if you are just starting out, these strategies are advantageous when used to manage the growth of your company, helping you attract potential investors as you seek to expand and create value for a future sale.

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Classes in Your Area...
Sponsored by the Small Business Development Center through UGA.
The SBDC will be holding multiple classes in our area:

August 31:  Starting a Business (Calhoun, GA)
September 14: Alternative Financing Workshop (Cartersville, GA)
September 15: SBDC Credit School (Kennesaw, GA)

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Profit Engineering For Small Businesses
By: Georgia SBDC
SBDC Corner
Now that many businesses have ended their calendar year and are preparing for tax reporting, it is an excellent time to evaluate last year's performance and define areas needing improvement. As the economy tends to drift along at a sluggish pace, most businesses need to sharpen planning skills and develop a strategy that will deliver desired results at the end of this year.

To begin, let's look at the Income Statement for this past year and focus on Income from Operations (may be referred to as Net Profit or Earnings before Taxes). Do the earnings represent what the business should be doing? What should earnings for this past year amount to? What should earnings be for this current year? Write it down to the right of last year's Income from Operations (Net Profit or Earnings before Taxes are all terms for the same thing, i.e., what we made or lost before taxes).

Next, let's look at Operating Expenses. As we look over Operating Expenses for last year, what expenses can we reduce or eliminate? What expenses must increase? Write this year's expenses down to the right and total.

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