October 2016
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GA scores an "A" for small business friendliness
(Thumbtack 6/16)
Dalton Business Groups Come Together To Develop Plan To Grow Local Economy
The business group has launched a community and economic development strategic planning effort for Whitfield County. The initiative will look at crafting a long-term vision for industrial recruiting, downtown revitalization, and economic and workforce development, the Chamber CEO said.

The end product will have specific recommended projects, including a price tag, and goals to achieve, said Bradham, who came to Dalton after serving as the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce's vice president of public strategies.

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RaceTrac In Dalton Undergoing Major Remodel
Dalton residents and commuters who travel Walnut Avenue near Interstate 75 will have one less option for gas and snacks until at least late November as the RaceTrac undergoes a major remodel.

The store at 1511 W. Walnut Ave., one of only three gas stations located near interstate exit 333, closed and should re-open by the beginning of December, said Karissa Bursch, communications manager for RaceTrac Petroleum Inc.

The renovated store, she said, will bring a more modern layout that will include updated architecture, a Swirl World frozen treat station complete with a toppings bar, an expanded coffee area with more options and counter space, and additional indoor lighting and seating space.

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"It's Time To Leverage Our Past For A Bright Future" 
The Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce is taking the lead in building a plan for the next chapter in our community. The chamber's Executive Board has contracted with Market Street Services, an Atlanta-based community and economic development firm, to assist the community in just such a planning process.

It is reasonable to expect downtown revitalization, economic growth, industry diversification and education and workforce will receive a fair amount of attention since they all seem to be top of mind in the community. Of course, other topics may bubble to the surface over the course of this effort.

I believe Dalton and Whitfield County have a bright future, but I also believe it will be different than our spectacular past. I believe that future ought to leverage our historical strengths in entrepreneurship, innovation and manufacturing expertise. 

Please visit our project website at to learn more. While you're there, spend 15 minutes taking the survey you find there.

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New Overtime Rules Start December 1! Is Your Business Ready?
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New overtime rules for employees go into effect December 1, 2016. Under them, more than 4.2 million workers will be eligible for overtime pay. Please join us for this timely webinar to learn what the rules are, how they will affect your business, and what you can do to be prepared.

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Elements Of A Nimble Business Plan
Thursday, November 3rd at 2:00 PM EST

Whether you're just starting out or growing an established business, your success and profitability hinges on knowing your market, knowing your customer, then staying organized and on-track.

These are just some of the benefits of writing - or updating - your business plan. During this SCORE LIVE Webinar, we'll help you get started by outlining the essential elements of a business plan, then sharing tips and tools for you to follow through on creating a business plan that will help you achieve your goals.

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Classes in Your Area...
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The SBDC will be holding multiple classes in our area:

October     18:  Starting Your Own Business  (Atlanta, GA)
November 03: Financial Management Essentials (Savannah, GA)
November 03: Credit Myths and Realities (Carrollton, GA)
November 04:  SBDC Credit School  (Atlanta, GA)
November 10: Starting A Business (Atlanta, GA)
November 16: Doing Business With Prime Contractors (Athens, GA)

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Small Businesses May Be Flying Blind
By: Georgia SBDC
SBDC Corner
I have always been surprised by how many business owners don't use their financial statements to manage their business. But over the years, I have come to understand why. It's because they don't really understand those statements.

One of the first things I tell business owners when teaching them about financial statements is that looking at just one financial statement can be misleading. You need to look at several to start sizing up what is really going on in your business.

You need to make sure your financial information is correct and timely. If your financial information is faulty, then you have a tendency to make faulty decisions.

If you get great financial information but it is six months after the fact, you lost the opportunity to correct a problem quickly or take advantage of an opportunity.

If you are new to the small business game and know absolutely nothing about reading financial statements, then you need to start with the basics.

I believe every business owner really needs to understand their income statement (sometimes referred to as a profit-and-loss statement), balance sheet and cash-flow statement. The way you go about that is by understanding what each statement measures and what the terms mean.

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