MAY 2016
Did You Know?

GA ranks #4 in US for best environment for small business and entrepreneurs and earned an A- grade for overall friendliness to small business
( 7/15)
Governor Deal In Dalton
Governor Nathan Deal visited Dalton to sign a copy of the Georgia's $23.7 billion budget. He said in the next 18 months we'll see a lot more projects like the Rocky Face exit.  The new budget kicks in on July 1st.

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Commerce Secretary Praises Efforts To Get Young People Excited About Manufacturing
Commerce Secretary, Penny Pritzker, said she was excited to see students at the Career Academy with such a passion for manufacturing.
"They realize that they can be doing mechatronics or computer science or chemistry or logistics and they see how that all points towards a job," she said. "They are leaving those programs with jobs, good jobs with the potential for advancement and the opportunity to further their education."

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Becoming A Destination
Last week, Director of Tourism Brett Huske presented a symbolic check for $1.623 million to city and county officials representing the combined hotel/motel taxes generated in the city and county in 2015.
That marked an 8.8 percent increase in tax collections over 2014 and the sixth year in a row that Dalton and Whitfield County have set a new record for total tax collections.

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Roman Open
Year in and year out, certain things don't really change at the Roman Open, they just get better.
The end result is always a fulfillment of the original intent of the charitable golf tournament - giving back.

Local businesses donated 220 door prizes, ranging from $25 to $300 in value. Also, there was a raffle for a variety of sports memorabilia items.   But the real winners are the local charities, which will benefit from the dispersal of monies raised by the tournament later this year.

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Take Advantage of these FREE Opportunities...
Provided by SCORE
The Power of Peers to Launch, Grow and Manage Your Business
Thursday, June 2nd at 1:00 PM EST

The saying, "It's lonely at the top!" doesn't need to be true. In fact, as attendees of the webinar will learn, it shouldn't be!  
The savvy entrepreneur, who develops a network of trusted peers not only gains an astute circle of advisors for help with the big decisions, but creates a competitive advantage for their business by identifying and tackling challenges before they become problems.

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How to Really Start Your Own Business
Tuesday, June 7th at 1:00 PM EST

Starting a successful business requires more than a great idea, conviction and ceaseless energy to make it happen. A solid plan and the ability to act on it are equally important.
In this webinar, presented in partnership with  Staples, the experts at SCORE will share startup success secrets, including ways to refine your business idea - and then turn your "concept" into a viable business. These same principles apply for early stage businesses which are ready to break out!

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Classes in Your Area...
Sponsored by the Small Business Development Center through UGA.
The SBDC will be holding multiple classes in our area:

June 02:  StartSmart (Kennesaw, GA)
June 03:  Minority Business Enterprise Premier Development Program (Atlanta,                         GA)
June 07:  SBDC StartSmart (Atlanta, GA)
June 10:  Develop an Import/Export Business Part 1 & 2 (Atlanta, GA)

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The Financials - Friend or Foe?
By: Georgia SBDC
SBDC Corner Daily at the SBDC we have the privilege of working with entrepreneurs from a broad range of industries.  Although the industries may vary, many of the challenges entrepreneurs face are common, no matter what the industry.   One such challenge we often see relates to numbers and financial statements.  When it comes to the financials, entrepreneurs are usually not on the fence; they either like numbers or wish to avoid them.   Having worked with many entrepreneurs who are in the avoidance mode, I usually find they are quite capable of comprehending financial information, but haven't had the data explained in a way they can understand.  As I write this article, a recent client comes to mind.

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