February 2017
Why Google will Win the Smart Home War
The battle of digital assistants is underway. There are several tech heavyweights in the ring, including Google's Now and Assistant, Apple's Siri, Microsoft's Cortana and, of course, Amazon's Alexa. While Alexa was the most talked about at CES last month, it is Google, not Amazon, who will eventually win the war. Google offers some key advantages in the market to make it the front-winner. Find out what will make Google the market leader. 
Is 2017 the Year of UHD? 
The industry is coalescing behind Ultra High Definition (UHD) as the next-generation, in-home, transformative viewing experience. At CES, both LG and Samsung demonstrated that UHD delivers an unquestionably beautiful picture. Now if the industry can come up with an agreed-upon definition of UHD and explain its benefits to the consumer, then UHD may actually emerge for a sustainable future. Learn how 2017 may be the year for UHD. 
The One Arena Apple Still Rules
Whatever you think about the future of Apple, there is still one area where Apple continues to hold an unquestionable lead: mobile video consumption. And Apple's stranglehold on the mobile market informs several issues impacting the video sector. Read how iPhone and Android compare and how it is influencing the future of mobile video consumption. 
Case Study:
Unit Forecasts for Video Compression Technology 
A patent pooling firm required ongoing industry projections and trends regarding a specific video compression technology. Find out how DTC's detailed forecasting report helped the firm more accurately project revenue for their intellectual property clients, as well as identify gaps in licensing compliance.  
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