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September 2013
Water savings goal met
Drought mitigation project beginning soon
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Carbon monoxide safety tips
Customer installing carbon monoxide detector
Take these steps to protect your family from the threat of CO poisoning:

*Install a CO detector on every floor of your home

*Replace CO detector batteries every six months and check the expiration date on your detector

*Have a qualified professional annually inspect heating equipment
Rebates deadline
piggy bank
As 2013 winds down, remember we offer rebates to help you save. The deadline to submit rebate information is Dec. 31. Rebates include:

*Insulation and air sealing

Visit for a complete list of
rebates. Rebates are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Upcoming events 

Sept. 18
Utilities Board meeting

Oct. 8
City Council: Request for hearing and filing of rate case
Water savings goal met

Congratulations and thank you! Together we met the 2013 community water-savings goal of 5.8 billion gallons (compared to 2012). This would not be possible without your commitment to using water wisely. Your actions will help ensure that we continue to have enough water to protect the health and safety of our community. Please keep in mind water restrictions (two days a week) and tiered water pricing is still in effect through Dec. 31.

Although this year's goal has been met, we encourage you to continue using only what is needed. You can do that by taking steps this fall to winterize your landscape and give it a better chance of rebounding next spring.
Water construction Drought mitigation project beginning soon

Beginning mid-September and continuing for the next several weeks, we'll be working on a drought mitigation project to install water pipe on Fillmore Street, just west of Interstate 25. When complete, the $8 million project will help enable us to maximize our water rights in Monument Creek, deliver an additional eight million gallons of water a day to our treatment plant, and further insulate customers from existing and future droughts.

Lane restrictions will be in effect for the impacted portion of Fillmore during construction. Heading west on Fillmore, traffic will be reduced to two through lanes, while eastbound traffic will be reduced to one through lane. Click here to learn more about the project and traffic impacts. 

Cow Poopapalooza!  

What initially sounds like a twisted version of Lollapalooza or a mishap at our wastewater plant is in reality a really awesome community event.

At Poopalaooza, you can score some organic manure, just in time for fall landscaping projects. All we ask for is a donation to Project COPE
, which helps our customers facing utilities disconnection with bill payment assistance.

Event details:
  • Saturday, Sept. 28
  • 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Harlan Wolfe Ranch, 915 W. Cheyenne Rd., 80906

Suggested donations for Project COPE: 

  • Pickup (half yard) - $20.00
  • Five gallon buckets - $10.00
  • Two Bags - $5.00
For more information, visit Ranch Foods Direct's website.